October 5, 2022

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Ozzy Albis injury update: Braves second breaks right pinky, but post-season return possible

Ozzy Albis injury update: Braves second breaks right pinky, but post-season return possible

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Just a day after coming back from a broken left footAnd the Atlanta Braves The team announced on Saturday evening that second base captain Uzi Albis had fractured his right pinky. An injured Albis struggled to slip to second base in the fourth game of Atlanta’s win over the Phillies.

However, Albiz’s injury will not require surgery, and instead will spend the next three weeks in a cast, According to Mark Bowman of MLB.com. At this point, the Braves will determine if they are able to return – provided, of course, that Atlanta survives the post-season.

Here’s the injury. Albis grabbed his finger and was instantly alarmed after the slip.

“I hate him for him. My heart breaks for him.” Braves coach Brian Sneeker told reporters after the match. “After all he’s been through to get back here and then it happened, it was horrible for him. He was having so much fun being old Oz. You know, playing ball, what he loves to do. It’s just a shame.” Snitker added that it is a “possibility” that the Albies will return in postseason.

As noted, Albis returned Friday from a broken foot that kept him out for three months. He went 1v4 with a weakness and led in two rounds in his first game Friday night, and he went 1v1 with a walk before injury on Saturday.

The Braves called up prospect Vaughn Grissom to replace the Albies last month and he did well, notching .304/.355/.482 with five runs in 31 games. He came off the bench to replace Albiz after injury Saturday night and is supposed to fall back at second base.

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Atlanta enters Sunday game one behind the New York Mets in the Northeast US at 90-55. They have a comfortable lead in 13 games on the postseason dock. However, they want to win the division and hopefully say goodbye to avoiding the best of three Wild Card streak.