March 25, 2023

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Opposition groups call for the removal of the Argentine president in the wake of the photo shoot.

A group of opposition MPs plan to file a resolution accusing Argentine President Alberto Fernandez of violating Buenos Aires-Covit-19’s “poor performance in managing the epidemic” and the country’s strict isolation by having a party at his home.

Analysis:Argentina does not know how to get out of the world’s longest isolation

Among other things, the Peronist leader was accused of violating the country’s isolated rules by hosting a small banquet at a house in July last year, when such meetings were banned.

Controversy:The Argentine president claims that the Brazilians left the jungle and that their comrades came by boat from Europe.

The scandal erupted when Fernandez’s photos were leaked at the birthday party of Fabiola Youssef, the first lady to have ten guests without a mask or respecting social space.

The impeachment call comes at a time of heightened political tensions ahead of the November 14 parliamentary elections, but it is essentially a symbol because the ruling party has a majority in the assembly (42 of the 72 seats available).

Fernandez spoke for the first time about the case during a press conference this Friday, calling for a reduction in gas tariffs. On the show, which started two hours late, he said he had “never hid” and had met “hundreds” during the months of the epidemic work, citing “governors, delegates, businessmen, actors.” He said he was “sorry” for what had happened and that it would never happen again.

– We did not hide anything, we revealed who went to Olivos. On July 14th, my dear Fabiola’s birthday, she invited me to a meeting and she should not have a snack with her friends, ”said Fernandez. – I’m sorry for what happened. Looking back, I should have been more careful than I was clear. Will never happen again.

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Earlier this Friday, Commander-in-Chief Santiago Kafiro had already claimed that Olivos’ residence had been turned into an operational center during the isolation, but the community meeting known by the photos was recognized as “wrong”.

“On one occasion, there was a social event that should not have happened,” Kafiro said in an interview with Radio 10. “A mistake happened, it shouldn’t have happened, it was a mistake.

The bill, which will be tabled in the National Congress, was drafted by representatives of the center-right Tudor for Change Party for “weak performance in managing the epidemic” and “violation of measures taken by organ efficient organizations to prevent the spread”. Epidemic “, he says.

Argentina, with a population of 45 million, has the longest isolation in the world, which does not prevent the country More than 108,500 deaths The corona virus epidemic, which has hit the economy hard for three years, has been exacerbated by high inflation and alarming numbers of poverty.

– Violation of the law is a crime and even more so when the law is put in place. It is a crime with ethical, moral and administrative implications. How can you ask a citizen something if the offender says it is not illegal after the law has been enacted? Asked Waldo Wolf, one of the delegates who signed the indictment.

The demand, which also calls into question the government’s ability to obtain vaccines against Govt-19, is unlikely to make room in the room, but he did make a warning:

“Although we do not have the votes, I understand that it is time to bring this matter down and say that on behalf of the greater number of citizens who agree with us, we support the same values ​​that they do,” Wolfe said.

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Argentina has increased its pace in recent months Vaccine campaignAs of Friday, 26.5 million people had already been vaccinated through a single dose and about 9.6 million citizens through the full program.