December 9, 2022

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On his first international trip as president, Biden arrives in Europe and speaks of ‘America is back’ The world

“America is back”, US President Joe Biden arrived in the United Kingdom on Wednesday (9). The first stop of your journey to Europe, After his country announced that it would donate 500 million Pfizer vaccines to other countries.

“We will make it clear that the United States is back and that the world’s democracies are united in the face of difficult challenges,” Biden told U.S. troops stationed at the British airbase in Mildenhall, where the President’s plane landed a few minutes ago from Air Force One I Washington.

Joe Biden makes his first official visit as President of the United States

Fiden called for a firm defense of democracy against authoritarianism and for consensus and cooperation, saying “we are committed to guiding by force, defending our values ​​and respecting our people.”

The U.S. president warned Russia that while the United States did not seek conflict, it would respond decisively to any attack. The highlight of Biden’s first visit is a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on the 16th.

But first, he is holding a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson this Thursday before attending Friday-Sunday. G7 Summit in Cornwall, In the southwest UK, climate change and the Govt-19 epidemic will be some of the priorities discussed.

On Sunday, after the G7 meeting, Biden will be received by Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. He will then travel to Belgium, where he will hold several bilateral meetings.

“My trip to Europe is an opportunity to mobilize the world’s democracies,” Biden said, adding that he has repeatedly said since taking office that “America is back” and wants to actively participate in the international arena.

However, after Donald Trump’s term, allies will receive “words of assurance with a little skepticism,” says Suzanne Maloney of the Washington-based Brookings Research Center. “Pitton’s choice The scars of the past four years are not the only ones to reunite with them, But there are also questions about the health of American democracy, “he wrote.

“The purpose of the visit is to make it clear to Putin and China that Europe and the United States are close allies,” he said.

Commenting on the long political career of the 78-year-old president, who was first elected to the Senate in 1972, his spokesman Jen Saki said, “He has been preparing for this for 50 years.” He knows some of these leaders, Among them is President Putin, for decades“, Completed.

Issues such as Ukraine and Belarus, the fate of detained Russian adversary Alexei Navalny and cyber attacks, the debate between Biden and Putin should be difficult. Biden said before embarking on the journey that cyber security would “be the subject of our discussion.”

“The problem is that Putin still does not want a stable and predictable relationship,” said Alexander Wershbo, a former US diplomat. The US President released some details about the meeting with the Russian President. It pointed out that, unlike what happened to Trump in Helsinki in 2018, a joint press conference was not on the agenda.