January 30, 2023

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Ômicron has so far mild symptoms, says the doctor who discovered the difference

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Patients report fatigue and body aches, but are not admitted to hospital due to variability in South Africa, says Dr. Angelique Coates.

Angelique Kotsi, a South African doctor who first discovered the new omigran variant of the corona virus, says that so far infected patients show “very mild symptoms” – but more time is needed to assess the effect on vulnerable individuals.

He says the first case was identified on November 18.

“It all started with a patient with mild symptoms. For the past two days he has been very tired and has a physical ache and a slight headache. There is not even a sore throat, but a sore throat. No cough., Or loss. Smell or taste,” he told the BBC. Told Dr. Godzi in an interview with the news.

“Because it is so unusual for this particular patient to have these types of symptoms, I decided to test it. We did a quick test and it was positive,” the doctor said, then the doctor who tested the patient’s whole family, with positive results for the corona virus, all with mild symptoms.