June 30, 2022

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NY police continue search for suspects in subway attack | The world

Of the Police New York The search for the suspect who detonated two smoke bombs in a subway car in Brooklyn yesterday morning and shot dead passengers continues today, Wednesday (13). At least 20 people were injured.

At a news conference on Tuesday, police named Frank James “interested person” during the investigation. He is attached to the rental of a van found in Brooklyn. Police considered Frank James to be an “interested person” in the case, but on Wednesday morning (13) they said he was considered a suspect in the shooting.

Photos released by the NYPD of the suspect who shot dozens of people – Photo: New York Police Department

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Manhattan subway train pulling into a station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. 10 people were directly shot.Including five who were hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

Map showing the location of the shooting in New York – Photo: Arte g1

Panicked passengers fled the car, which was filled with smoke, and 13 more people were injured or injured in the chaos, police said. All of the victims are expected to survive with injuries, according to police.

However, this incident could have caused even more injuries. Based on consultations with hospitals in the region, the newspaper “The Washington Post and the American network CNN said at least 29 people were being treated in hospitals.

A man was rescued at a subway station in Brooklyn, New York, this Tuesday (12) – Photo: Will Be Wild via AB

According to investigations, the attacker may have acted alone. Commissioner of Police New York, Kiechant Sewell, said the attack on the subway car began when he was about to arrive at the station. The gunman took two cans from his bag and opened them, spreading smoke all over the car.

The man who carried out the attack in the tunnel was described by police from eyewitness accounts as a heavily tied man, wearing an orange hat, a gray sweatshirt, a green helmet and a surgical mask.

Police said the man fired 33 rounds from a semi-automatic pistol and later recovered it with three bullets, a small ax, some fireworks and a container of gasoline.

A bag containing fireworks and a smoke bomb was found at the scene of the April 12, 2022 shooting in New York.

Sewell had previously said that the shooting was not immediately considered an act of terrorism. Investigators found a series of social media posts related to a man named Frank James, who mentioned the homeless and the mayor. New York, Sewell said. However, It is unknown at this time what caused the fire.

A man was rescued in a subway car near Brooklyn, New York, this Tuesday (12) – Photo: Will Be Wild via Andhra Pradesh

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