January 29, 2023

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Norway records 60 Govt cases related to Get-Together Party; Omigron | The world is in doubt

The annual final meeting of a company in Oslo is being convened by more than 100 people and is being considered by the authorities. Norway As the center of an eruption Govit-19 In the country, there are 60 positive cases – 17 of which are analyzed as suspected cases of omigron variation.

The Norwegian capital said in a note that the inventory was still temporary and could increase with the progress of sequencing tests – which confirmed an event of new variation among guests from the genetic sequence.

“So far, 60 of the PCR tests have tested positive for Govit-19,” health officials said in a statement.

Ômicron: What is known about a new variant found in South Africa

About 100 to 120 employees gathered a week ago for the solar-powered company Scatec. One of the participants recently traveled to South Africa.

“Everyone was vaccinated, no one had symptoms, and everyone underwent self-examination before the meeting,” said Dine Rawlow, an official with the city’s health department. “Everything was in order and no rules were violated.”

So far, none of the participants have developed an acute stage of the disease, Rawlow said. Most sufferers have mild symptoms, including:

  • Headache
  • throat pain
  • Cough

The suspicion that infections were caused by the Omigron variant began after a series of tests, and the process was not yet complete.

“We can see the rapid spread of omigrans even after vaccination. This is very scary information in the midst of an epidemic,” French anthropologist Antoine Flahold told AFP.

‘Parties should be banned’

According to him, about 88% of adults are vaccinated in Norway, which may indicate that the current immunization is not sufficient to prevent the progression of the new variant. The strain, found in South Africa, is likely to change to a majority in Europe in the coming months.

Omigran contains about 50 mutations, approximately 30 spike protein, which the corona virus uses to enter cells. Are associated with an increase in some infections and may lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines.

The French epidemiologist points out that parties like the one in Oslo are generally events that create “greater spread” and should be banned with the rapid circulation of the virus in the present times.

Across Europe, 79 cases of the disorder have been confirmed so far, according to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC).

The variant has not yet caused any deaths

The World Health Organization (WHO) yet There is no information about a death case According to Christian Lindmeyer, a spokesman for the organization in Geneva, it is affiliated with Omigron.

“As more and more countries are experimenting with new variants, we have more cases, more information and, although I did not expect that to happen, there will be deaths,” he said.

According to the WHO, the impact of Omigran, including its susceptibility to vaccines, could take weeks to be assessed. “Preliminary data indicate that this is highly contagious, but we now know,” the organization’s spokesman said briefly.