March 27, 2023

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North Korea: Why did the country test-fire several missiles in January? The world

A North Korea Two short-range ballistic missiles were fired into the surrounding sea Japan, In the most recent series of tests.

According to the Armed Forces South KoreaThe missiles were reportedly fired from an airport near the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. Monday morning (17, local time).

The Japan Also confirmed the completion of the test. A fourth missile was launched North Korea In two weeks.

Prohibited by the United Nations (UN) North Korea In addition to imposing severe sanctions on the country, ballistic and nuclear tests must be carried out.

However, the Asian country often violates the ban and the leader Kim Jong-un He promised to strengthen North Korea’s security.

Friday, Pyongyang He said he fired ballistic missiles Short distance, days ago Conducted two tests called hypersonic missiles, Is very difficult to detect.

The test frequency and timing, this January, is extraordinary. The North Korea Tends to launch its events to mark events of great political significance in the country or as a sign of dissatisfaction with the joint military exercises. South Korea And hair To us.

Missiles generally help to improve missile capabilities and maintain their operational readiness. According to Ankit Panda, an expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, recent experiments confirm this trend.

A North Korea Struggling with food shortages and a weak economy. These are the consequences of the siege imposed by the regime to keep Govt-19 out of its borders. China, Its biggest economic and political ally – there are reports that this trade could resume soon.

Kim recently acknowledged that his country was facing “a major life-and-death struggle” and said it would increase its military strength, including the development of hypersonic missiles.

Negotiation with To us, Who should North Korea Give up your nuclear weapons, Joe Biden has been paralyzed since taking office as president. The Biden administration imposed its first sanctions North Korea Last week in response to some tests carried out in early January.

Monday’s launch could be a “tough reaction” to sanctions, “said Park Won-gon, a professor of North Korean research at Womans University in Ewha, who said the United States had no intention of threatening the North.South Korea)

These releases take place a few weeks before the Winter Olympics, which is a very politically sensitive and valuable event. China It is scheduled to launch on February 4 in Beijing.

“I can only imagine it China I do not want to North Korea Beijing tests missiles in its surroundings before opening its Olympics ” North Korea.

“If this continues, we will not rule out the possibility [a Coreia do Norte] Can be embarrassing China For something. ”

With the latest reports, The North Korea Let’s start trading again with China Quickly, “The chosen moment indicates that Beijing is more than cooperating with Pyongyang’s provocations; China Supports North Korea Economics and integration [com os norte-coreanos] Militarily, “expert North Korea Leaf-Eric Easley.

Considering its strategic relationship with ChinaThe North Korean leadership will end its missile tests and military exercises in early 2022, ahead of the Beijing Olympics. ”

“Time also suggests North Korea The president does not want to be quiet before the election South Korea [marcada para 9 de março] Or when it appears weak China Sending aid across the border. ”

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