January 30, 2023

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North Korea launches ballistic missile just hours before UN Security Council meeting | The world

A North Korea A “potential ballistic missile” was launched in the East Sea early Tuesday morning, the South Korean military was quoted as saying by Yonhap News Agency, within a week of Pyongyang claiming to have tested a hypersonic missile.

“Our Armed Forces have detected a fired missile North Korea East Coast “announced to the Joint Chiefs of Staff today, Tuesday morning (11). South Korea In a statement.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida confirmed the incident and told reporters North Korea “An object that could be a ballistic missile.”

The release came at the request of six countries, including the United States and Japan North Korea UN The “unstable activities” should be stopped before the Security Council meeting Missile test, Pyongyang called it “hypersonic”.

“It simply came to our notice then North Korea It’s constantly launching missiles, ”Kishida added.

France, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Albania have strengthened their criticism and called on Pyongyang to hold talks on ending nuclear weapons. Analysts say Pyongyang may have set aside time for the launch to coincide with the UN meeting.

“There are political and military motives for this launch,” Shin Beam-sul, a researcher at the Korean Research Institute’s national strategy, told AFP.

“A North Korea It continues to test its nuclear weapons diversification, but plans to launch it on the day of the Security Council meeting to increase its political influence, “he added.

A North Korea He was banned from the Beijing Games for not participating in the Tokyo Games due to concerns over the Govt-19.

Since Kim Jong Un came to power in 2011, The North Korea Has demonstrated rapid advances in military and nuclear technology. Kim insists on strengthening North Korea’s military capability, despite the fact that his country faced major economic difficulties during the corona virus epidemics.

By 2021, Pyongyang had successfully tested a new type of submarine-launched ballistic missile, a train-launched weapon and a hypersonic warship – the existence of which is in question. South Korea, Last week’s test showed little progress in ballistic missiles.

At his party meeting in December, Kim promised to continue strengthening North Korea’s military apparatus.

Meanwhile, talks between Washington and Pyongyang have stalled following the failure of Kim’s 2019 talks with then – President Donald Trump.

Under Joe Biden’s current administration, Washington has expressed its desire to meet with North Korean officials, but insists on its nuclear disarmament.

Pyongyang rejected the plan, accusing Washington of pursuing “hostile” policies. A North Korea Facing many international obstacles for nuclear and ballistic missile programs.