March 23, 2023

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North Korea confirms test of new submarine-launched missile

This test had already been announced South Korea; Watch the video below.

North Korea launches ballistic missile into Japanese waters

The missile has “many advanced control and guidance technologies,” according to the official Korean news agency KCNA, and the country was launched from the same ship used in its first test strategic offshore missile (SLPM). ) Five years ago. Age. The company does not mention the dictator Kim Jong Un, A sign that he is not on trial.

Images published by the regime’s newspaper “Rodang Sinmun” showed a black-and-white missile with a submarine emerging from the water.

New submarine missile from North Korea, in an image released this Wednesday (20) – Photo: AFP Photo / KCNA VIA KNS

The ability to launch a missile from a submarine will take Pyongyang’s arsenal to a new level. Allows North Koreans to deploy warships beyond the Korean Peninsula. However, it refers to the use of the same “8.24 Yongkong” submarine used five years ago The country has made little progress in its initial capabilities.

According to the 2018 analysis of the NGO Nuclear Threat initiative, the test vessel is “capable of propelling only one ballistic missile” and is expected to be released each specific day limiting its operational usefulness.

The Pentagon and experts say The last missile test launched from a submarine, In 2019, may have been shot from the sinking stage.

Surrounded by weapons, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un speaks at the opening ceremony of the ‘Self-Defense 2021’ exhibition in Pyongyang on October 12-Photo: KNS / AFP via STR / KCNA

This Wednesday’s test was carried out near Sinpo, the headquarters of a large shipyard. Both Koreas are embroiled in a potential arms raceConversation between Washington and Pyongyang is paralyzed.

Washington condemned the Seoul and Tokyo missile launch, which traveled about 590 km at a maximum altitude of 60 km, a South Korean source told AFP.

Watch the video: North Korean soldiers lying in broken glass

North Korean soldiers broke broken glass and chains and put on display

North Korean soldiers broke broken glass and chains and put on display

The White House stressed that the move posed a threat to the need for urgent dialogue with Pyongyang. U.S. Spokesman Jen Psaki said Washington’s offer to meet with Pyongyang “anywhere, anytime, unconditionally” was valid.

After the announcement of the new test, Diplomats told the AFP that the UN Security Council had decided to hold an emergency meeting behind closed doors in North Korea on Wednesday. The session, to be held in the afternoon, was requested by the United Kingdom and the United States. Later, France agreed to the request, promising a diplomat.

Security Council resolutions ban North Korea from developing nuclear and ballistic weapons. Pyongyang says it needs its arsenal to protect itself from possible US invasion.

Earlier on Tuesday, China’s U.N.

Russia’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Poliansky, has warned of a possible downpour. “We need to find out more information about this shooting because the descriptions of events in North Korea are” always contradictory, “he said. “The shooting can come from anywhere. We only have information from the press. I do not trust them much. We need an expert evaluation,” the Russian ambassador said.

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