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Nike executive reveals he killed a teenager on 1965 – 10/16/2021

A longtime Nike executive in the United States has revealed that he shot and killed a teenager on the streets of Philadelphia 56 years ago.

Larry Miller, President of the Jordan brand (former player brand Basketball Michael Jordan) spoke about the 1965 murder in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

“It took me inside,” he said of his actions at the age of 16, when he was a “member of a teenage gang”.

Miller was jailed for murder. He did not lie about it, but kept it a secret for a long time.

Admission takes place before the publication of his memoirs scheduled for next year.

Miller joined the Cedar Avenue gang in western Philadelphia at the age of 13, changing his profile from a “high school student” to a daily drinker.

When a friend was killed by an enemy gang member, Miller, then just 16, took a .38 pistol with him, got drunk with three friends, and went outside to seek revenge.

On September 30, 1965, he shot and killed the first person he met in his chest: 18-year-old Edward White.

“That’s what makes me even harder, because it’s not for any reason,” he said.

Miller described his decision to admit his past – which he had long hidden from his children, friends and close colleagues – was “very difficult”.

“I ran away from it for many years,” he told Sports Illustrated. “I tried to cover it up, hoping people wouldn’t find it.”

Miller has been with Nike since 1997 and manages basketball operations stamped by Michael Jordan and Converse.

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He was an administrator at Kraft Foods and Campbell Soups and a former captain of the Portland Trail Blazers professional basketball team.

He says he did not lie about his time in prison on job applications.

Prior to the interview, Miller explained to members of his inner circle, including basketball legend Michael Jordan and the commissioner. NBA Adam Silver, about the chapter.

In her next book, written in collaboration with her eldest daughter, she describes the incident, as well as multiple arrests in juvenile custody and arrests for various crimes.

In a statement, Nike told the BBC News that Miller’s life was “an incredible story of second chance.”

“We are proud of Larry Miller, the hope and inspiration his story can provide,” the agency said, supporting policies that help ex-prisoners “open new doors of opportunity and move on with their lives.”

I hope Miller’s story will help save young people at risk from violent lives and encourage inmates to learn that “they can still contribute to society.”

“A person’s mistake or the worst mistake they have ever made in their life should not control what happens throughout their lives,” he said.

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