March 23, 2023

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NFT | The world is trying to sell as

A renowned French surgeon tried to sell a young woman an X-ray NFT. BataclanNovember 13, 2015 Attack on concert hall, one of the places attacked by terrorists Paris130 people were killed and more than 350 were injured (See also below).

This information was published on the website of the “Mediapart” daily on Saturday (22) APHP, the network that manages public hospitals, will sue orthopedic surgeon Emmanuel Masmajin. Paris, And reported to the French Federal Council of Medicine.

Martin Hirsch, director of public hospitals in Paris, announced the decision to prosecute Masmejean, saying his behavior was “abhorrent” and “contrary to Deontology” and “violates the values ​​of APHP and public service”.

In another message sent to APHP officials, Hirsch said Masmejean’s attitude was “a defamatory act by a surgeon, a university professor and a doctor at the European hospital Georges Pompido”.

An X-ray was taken during the care of the survivor, who underwent massage surgery. According to the report, The surgeon bid for the radiograph on the OpenSea website, which specializes in selling NFT products, and the image can be purchased for U $ S 2,776 (approximately R $ 15,000)..

NFT is still available on OpenSea on Sunday (23), and under the photo of the ad, the victim “lost her boyfriend in the attack and suffered an open fracture in her left forearm, Kalashnikov bullet embedded. Skin tissue”.

Technology converts a digital file into a crypto asset that can be traded and use numeric codes that allow its transfer, but not its reproduction. (See more about NTFs in the video below).

NFT: 5 points about the technology that makes digital files ‘unique’

When contacted, the surgeon said his motive was “academic”, but later questioned his action from an “ethical” perspective and admitted the patient was “wrong” without seeking recognition.

On November 13 the main association of victims said, “For life Paris“I will protect the victim of the attack.

Another association claimed “brotherhood and truth.” This act is “despicable” and does not represent the work of health professionals, of whom we have full confidence..

Simultaneous attacks in the concert arena BataclanIn the State of France and in cafes and restaurants On November 13, 2015, 130 people were killed and more than 350 were injured in Paris.

Horror Night is the biggest terrorist attack in history France The worst attack on the French capital since World War II.

First, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives near a football stadium where a friendly match between teams was taking place. France And from Germany. Among the thousands of fans in attendance was then-French President Franois Hollande.

Two more terrorists continued the operation, killing a bus driver. In the central part of the city, two different groups shot and killed people inside bars and restaurants Bataclan, Most of the victims died.

Of the 20 accused, 11 are in jail, 3 have responded to the operation independently and 6 have died, but will be investigated anyway.. 12 offenders can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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