March 23, 2023

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New Zealand shoots its official magician | The world

New Zealand authorities have canceled the contract of 88-year-old Ian Brackenbury Channell, who was in charge. Official guide New Zealand. The British newspaper “The Guardian” published this Friday (15) that the break marks the end of 23 years of service to the witch.

Chanel was hired by the city of Christchurch to promote the city through “witchcraft and other related services”. The magician earned 16 thousand New Zealand dollars a year, the equivalent of more than R $ 61 thousand.

The reason for the termination of the contract is still a reason for disagreement. Officially, the Christchurch City Council, which hired the witch, only said it had decided to end the partnership. “He will always be a part of our history,” said spokeswoman Lynn McClelland, according to the Guardian.

However, the guide offers another version: according to him, the authorities decided to remove him because he is not in the “vibration” of the city, because the sorcerer is a provocateur.

“I mean I’m bored and old, but there’s no one else in Christchurch like me,” the sorcerer said.

Also, recently, the aging guide has done a lot of harm. In April, in a scene from the unacceptable Massismo, he said, “They never hit you because they get marks so easily on a woman’s body. They’ll get you in trouble by telling neighbors and friends.”

When asked by local newspapers if they would curse the officers who fired him, the witch only said he wanted to bless her.

“I want to give children happy dreams and good health and make the bureaucracy more human,” he said.