June 30, 2022

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Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks

NBA Playoffs Live: Dallas looks to avoid a 3-0 loss in the series against Golden State

The Dallas Mavericks You must win game 3 at home to keep any hope of reaching The NBA Finals Alive. Dallas lags behind Golden State Warriors 2-0 in Western Conference Finals Chain but it is not unfamiliar territory.

Luka Doncic The Mavericks reached the WCF after beating Phoenix Suns In seven games. They trailed Phoenix 2-0 after their first two games but Doncic wanted his side to move past the league leaders.

Doncic did the least amount of help from his supporting team, including Galen Bronson, who scored 31 points in Match 2 against the Warriors. The MAFS lost the second game after leading by as much as 19 points before the end of the first half. Doncic finished that match with 42 points, but it was not enough to get past the scoring attack from Golden State.

Stephen Curry He exited the field to finish the match with six three-pointers for 32 points. Klay Thompson He still struggles with his shot but still drains them when they are so important. Jordan Paulmeanwhile, is the spark from the bench that keeps the Warriors going even when Curry is sitting on the bench.

If the Mavericks intend to win Game 3, they should play intense defense all night, but especially in stressful times. Doncic will also need help from archers like Dorian Finney SmithAnd Reggie Bullock And Spencer Dinwiddy off the bench.

Draymond Green The X factor will be in game 3. The green should avoid technical errors and stay clear of early wrong issues. The Warriors still have a chance of winning without Green on the ground, but his presence throughout such a close period of the match is often vital to Golden State’s chances of winning.

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The winner of Game 3 will also go down to both head coaches. it’s time for Jason Kidd To pull all the stops against Steve Care.