March 23, 2023

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NATO rejects Ukraine no-fly zone, but warns: ‘Upcoming days could be even worse’ | The world

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday that the war in Ukraine would cause more casualties and destruction in the coming days.

“These next few days will be worse,” Stoltenberg told a news conference.

According to the leader of the Western Military Alliance, there is a consensus among member states that there should be no NATO aircraft in Ukrainian airspace and no troops on the country’s borders.

Ukraine has asked NATO to consider the country’s airspace as an exemption zone – an area where it can not fly – but in a way that would indicate direct entry into the conflict.

If NATO were directly involved in the struggle with Russia, the consequences of the war would be even more devastating.

“If we do that, we hope to have something that could escalate into a full-scale war in Europe, involving many countries and causing much human suffering,” Stoltenberg said.

Stoltenberg also said that the organization had noticed cluster munitions during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“We have seen reports of the use of other types of weapons that represent violations of international law,” he said in Brussels.

Remnants of unexploded ordnance in Ukrainian territory, October 2014 – Photo: Oleg Solwang / Human Rights Watch

Also known as “clusters”, cluster munitions pose a high risk to the public.

They are weapons made from a box that can open in the air and scatter hundreds of “small bombs” that are capable of hitting a very large area.

The United Nations General Assembly (UN) has banned the use of these weapons, but not all countries, including Brazil, the United States and Russia, have signed up.

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