August 17, 2022

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NATO is preparing for war with Russia and sees China as a threat

In 2010, when its latest theoretical document was approved, NATO lived in a world that played a subsidiary role in Afghanistan, China was a distant country and Russia was described as a strategic partner. This Wednesday (29), 12 years after the US-led military alliance announced its re-establishment, the honor of the Ukrainian war launched by Vladimir Putin has put China on the throne as a potential threat and is preparing for a military expansion against anchored Moscow. Sweden and Finland enter US stocks and club.

NATO’s new strategic concept Back to the founding of the group today with 30 members in 1949 To find out the reason: Moscow must fight with military blockade. The Russians “want to establish influence and direct control through coercion, subjugation, aggression and annexation”, reads the text echoing the renewed fears of World War III.

“Moscow’s military expansion, including the Baltic, Black and Mediterranean regions, and its military integration with Belarus pose a challenge to our security and interests,” he concludes, pointing to persistent threats to the use of nuclear weapons. In this crisis of 2022 and the “innovative and destructive” development of nuclear and conventional dual-capacity weapons such as hypersonic missiles.

To counter this, higher military spending: In 2021, only 8 out of 30 NATO members will invest more than 2% of their GDP in defense, the coalition argues. This is more than the 3 that Russia did when it annexed Crimea in 2014 and laid the groundwork for an ongoing war, but is still far from the target.

“We are facing a sea change,” said Norway’s NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, a carefree man who had been frozen as governor of his country’s central bank before the crisis. He said 9 members will be 2% or more by 2022 and will reach 19 members by 2024. The target is “the base, not the ceiling” of military spending – in fact, the United States leads the railways with 3.57% of the largest GDP. Of the world for the military area.

The belated retaliation of US President Donald Trump with the mercury that stopped NATO against the wall during his tenure, to the extent that his French envoy Emmanuel Macron says the coalition is “brain dead”.
However, the leaders of the United States, that is why President Joe Biden issued a firm statement to increase the military muscle against Russia. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the United States will have a military headquarters in militant and anti-Russian Poland in Eastern Europe.

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“Right now, Putin has destroyed peace in Europe. The United States and its allies are mobilizing, proving that NATO is needed now more than ever,” Biden said. One of the obvious reasons for the invasion was the blocking of Ukraine from joining NATO, which had been disabled since its call for Georgia in 2008, which was renewed without much confidence in strategic considerations.

The reinforcement package included two more Spanish-based destroyers (there are four today), two new battalions with F-35 fighter jets in the UK, permanent battalions in the Baltic states and Romania, and additional air defenses for Germany and Italy. . It was the largest European deployment of US troops since the Cold War. Today there are 100,000 Washington troops on the continent, and there may be more. In total, NATO says it will increase its rapid-reaction force from 40,000 to 300,000.

In general, the federation is already much higher than Russia: it spent $ 1 trillion in 2021, compared to $ 62 billion in Moscow for defense, and 3.28 million troops, while there are 900,000 Russians. But that data illusion shows the nature of the fighting in Ukraine and commands the Kremlin’s largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

In exchange for such assurances, Biden addressed his key strategic concern with the new concept: China. The document is careful not to call the Asian giant an enemy, but also says it wants to talk to Moscow. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Beijing’s “strategic strategy and efforts to break the alliance.”

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The symbolic presence at the summit, which concludes this Thursday (30) in Madrid with guests from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea as guests, is apt. Beijing has responded directly to the view that it is infiltrating its strategic backyard. “Post-Cold War expansion not only failed to make Europe safer, but also sowed the seeds of conflict. [na Ucrânia]. We do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. “

Since the start of the war on February 24, a parallel has been drawn in the West between what happened in Ukraine and what might happen in Taiwan, although they are historically incomparable – the UN recognizes China’s demand on Taipei.

If anyone doubts that the world is too divided in the context of Cold War 2.0, the NATO document clarifies the new reality. In fact, Putin is a key ally of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, who is set to be re-appointed to another five-year term in November.

Turkey presents a support bill, but the most immediate focus is on Europe, the well-known but less historic, decades-old (20 in Stockholm, 7 in Helsinki) Sweden and Finland’s announcement of a neutral NATO alliance. The process should be expedited as the Armed Forces of the two countries are already working in harmony with the alliance, but there is no set date.

Stoltenberg thanked Turkey on Wednesday for removing its veto on the Nordics’ entry into the US-sponsored agreement the previous day. The price is clear: Ankara has released a list of 33 deported enemies in both countries who would like to see it tried as a terrorist. Sweden says it is investigating the case.
In addition, U.S. officials have already given the green light to sell F-16 fighter jets in modern versions instead of a fleet of 260 Turkish-type aircraft.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s political challenge to Trump’s refusal to hand over those accused of plotting a failed coup against Turkey in 2016 led to the expulsion of Ankara from the new F-35 production program after Russia’s purchase of anti – aircraft systems.
With the Turkish agreement, the summit escaped a setback: if it did not announce a Swedish-Finnish merger, the internal conflict within the alliance would become clear.

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It has many facets: the high alert of the major economies facing punishment against Putin, Germany and France, the historic rivalry between the Turks and the Greeks, and Paris’ distrust of Washington after the loss of the billion-dollar submarine deal. To Australia.

The central question of who pays for the text will also be imposed. The increase in military spending announced in Germany, which was once peaceful, is a complex issue in democracies: recent studies show that most Europeans want a solution that could accommodate the Ukrainian war.

Russia has seen the threat of expansion since the Cold War

From a Russian perspective, these are ways to explore, albeit for foreign consumption, the moment of unity and determination of the West. For the Kremlin, shared by the Chinese, it was the West that began the war, alienating Russia from attempts at reconciliation after the defeat of Communism in the Cold War.

By the end of the Soviet Union in 1991, broken Russia, which had emerged from the rubble, was a weak country, recovering from the proceeds from the sale of oil and gas and the glorious militarism of the Putin era that began in 1999. Five expansions in the east, including 14 former communist countries.

The argument, on the other hand, is that Russia, while maintaining neutrality in its surroundings, is actually seeking to militarize it. It transformed the Belarusian dictatorship, which was shaken by the political crisis in 2020, into a military defender. He fought in Georgia in 2008 and in Ukraine since 2014, precisely in the name of this Garden. NATO members like Poland, now in the US trench, say they will be next. (Folhapress)