February 8, 2023

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Mystery about Edna: The body found in a volcanic cave may have belonged to a journalist who went missing in the 70s

ROME – The body of a 50-year-old man was found this Tuesday in a cave in Mount Edna, Italy. The body was found in an inaccessible cave in the largest active volcano in Europe. The remains of the Italian intelligence journalist Mauro de Mauro, who went missing in the 1970s, are one of the possibilities explored by police.

The body was found during a police exercise in the town of Catania, south of the volcano. The sniffer dogs that came with the action caught the scent and took the police to the entrance of the cave where the body was. Lieutenant Colonel Massimiliano Passetto described the place to the English newspaper The Guardian:

“This is a very isolated area. We go there from time to time and do exercises. Due to the efforts of the sniffer dogs, the body was found,” he said.

At the initial inquest, the person did not appear to have died of violence. Authorities believe the death of the man from Edna must have taken place between the 70s and 90s. Mauro, like the corpse found, had a defect in the mouth and nose.

The description of the body caught the attention of the journalist’s daughter, Franca de Mauro, who contacted authorities in Catania. He was killed by the Italian mafia on suspicion of what might have happened to Mauro de Mauro in 1962 for having information about the assassination of Enrico Matteo, director of the Italian oil multinational ENI.

Mauro de Mauro goes missing during an inquest into Matteo’s death in 1970 Photo: Revelation

Mauro de Mauro disappeared after leaving home on September 16, 1970. At the time, he was working on research for the film ‘O Caso Mattei’, which was released two years later. Initial investigations into Matteo’s plane crash indicated that it was caused by an engine failure. In another investigation thirty years later, it was pointed out that this was a bomb attack.

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A DNA test will be conducted to verify whether the body found is the father of Franca de Mauro. However, the journalist was only one of several possibilities investigated by the police.

“Now we are not excluding anything,” Passetto told the Guardian.