March 25, 2023

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Must be in California Governor’s Office, agency plan after state recall vote | The world

International News Agencies plan for Democrat spokesman Gavin Newsom to continue as governor of California Memorial vote This took place on Tuesday (14).

With 62% of the vote counted, Newsom was in the lead with 32% of the vote: 66% of voters said he should be in office and 34% said he should be removed. The Associated Press (AP), Reuters and CNN International are planning a victory for the Democrat, who will remain in office until the end of his term in office in January 2023.

The official results are still a few days away and the certificate will only be issued in October.

Newsom is already celebrating success. “Voters said yes to science, vaccination, the right to vote without fear, diversity, enrollment and women’s rights,” she said.

Understand why a recall election

California’s election rules allow for this kind of recollection – recently, there have been changes to the law that make this mechanism easier: it is necessary to collect the equivalent of the 12% of voters who took part in the last poll.

For the NewSom public call, it is necessary to collect the signatures of 1.5 million voters (there are 40 million people in California).

The campaign to repeal Newzome’s mandate has attracted conservatives who do not agree with LGBTQI + rights, crime and immigration policies. They were even more upset at managing the epidemic (schools were closed and masks and vaccinations were mandatory).

This vote is the first ballot contest between Republicans and Democrats since the 2020 presidential election. The victory of the Democrats was already expected as the party registered the highest number of voters in the state.