December 4, 2022

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Morrissey disturbs the crowd after the concert ends after 30 minutes

Morrissey disturbs the crowd after the concert ends after 30 minutes


Morrissey suddenly He finished his concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles after just 30 minutes.

the singer Fans left upset on Saturday after leaving the stage after performing only a few songs.

The former front man did not explain to Smiths his departure. Instead, one of his bandmates told the audience, “Sorry, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will not continue. I’m very sorry. We’ll see you next time. Apologies.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to try to figure out what the “unexpected circumstances” are, with one expecting it to be very cold outside. Earlier, the singer commented on the weather saying that it is cold.

“So, #Morrissey just walked off the stage at Green_Theatre 30 minutes later. Apparently, it was too cold. Meanwhile, it’s in the fifties,” the fan wrote.

Morrissey Instagram An account has a post after the accident, but he has not apologized for his early departure.

“Thank you for coming last night, Los Angeles. We love you and are grateful for your support,” the post read. Please wait for more announcements soon.

Morrissey is currently on a North American tour, which began on November 11.

His next stop is on November 14 at Magnolia in El Cajon, California.

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