January 30, 2023

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More than half of the Govt cases monitored in Brazil are already from Omigron

According to a survey conducted by the site “He in the World Data”, 58.33% of the Govit-19 cases monitored in Brazil are already due to the Omigron variant. The data correspond to the participation of the new strain in all the sequences analyzed up to two weeks prior to December 27th. Variation B1.1.529 was discovered in November in South Africa.

According to the site, affiliated with the University of Oxford and considered a specialty in publishing data on the epidemic, Omigron is responsible for only 2.85% of the country as of December 13. Thus, there was an eruption in the number of cases in two weeks, thus confirming its high prevalence.

This variant already dominates other countries such as the United States (80% of cases screened), the United Kingdom (95.91%), South Africa (93.85%), Argentina (85.11%), France (80.34%) and Japan. (77.12%), Mexico (55.17%) and Chile (51.59%).

Following the outbreak of the case in South Africa, the WHO (World Health Organization) was informed of the existence of the new strain on November 24. Since then, infections caused by Omigran on five continents have been confirmed.

On the same day, Health ministers in the G7 countries have warned that the move requires urgent action. “The international community is facing the threat of a new highly contagious variant of Govt-19, which requires urgent action,” the ministers said in a joint statement at the time.

In addition to being highly contagious, it has a high number of mutations. So far, patients identified with the variant have shown extreme fatigue, severe fatigue, body aches, headache and sore throat.

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Preliminary data on genetic sequencing conducted yesterday by the Municipal Health Department and the Bhutan Institute Indicates 50% prevalence of omigron variant of new corona virus in capital Sao Paulo.

New enrollments for Covit-19 in public and private hospitals in the state of Sவோo Paulo have increased by 30% in the past week. The number of newcomers admitted to hospital with the disease rose from 425 to 552 in the first week of the year, driven by Omigran, which is already socially active in Brazil..

The world has set a new case record

With 2.59 million infections worldwide, Kovit has set a new record for 19 cases in just 24 hours., According to “Ever World in Data”.

That figure was again raised by the United States, which recorded 869.1 thousand cases less than Monday (3), which affected more than 1 million people in a single day.

The WHO said yesterday that the evidence so far suggests that Omigron causes less severe forms of the disease. However, public health officials have warned that the sheer size of Omigran cases threatens to drown hospitals, some of which are already struggling to cope with the tide of Govt-19 patients, especially those who have not been vaccinated.