March 25, 2023

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More than 30 killed in Pakistan train collision The world

Clash between two express trains in the south PakistanAt least 35 passengers were killed on Monday morning, Assam Swati, the country’s railway minister, told the Associated Press.

Swati said he was on his way to Kotki district in Sindh province where the accident took place and it was not yet known what caused the clash, but all the footage was being analyzed.

Kotki district police chief Omar Dufail said authorities were working to get machines to help rescue people trapped in the vehicles. “Right now, the challenge for us is to quickly rescue passengers trapped in the rubble,” Tufail says.

Railway officials said about 1,100 passengers were on board.

On a social network, Pakistani Prime Minister Imram Khan wrote that he was shocked by the “terrible tragedy” in Kotki. He said he had ordered the Railway Minister to go to the spot to ensure assistance to the injured and demanded an inquiry.

Soldiers and crews are working to rescue passengers after a collision between two trains in Pakistan, this Monday (7) – Photo: Guide via Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) / REUTERS

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