March 21, 2023

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More than 10 killed in Taliban protests in Afghanistan

The number of Afghans trying to escape from Taliban militants in Kabul has exceeded 10. Oh The militant group also harasses foreign journalists And Afghan militants who cooperated with the United States and its allies during the occupation.

You Protesters took to the streets of the capital, Kabul, including women. They carried a large flag in the colors of Afghanistan and shouted against the Taliban. The Taliban retaliated with gunfire. The extremist militants disbanded the struggle and advanced on the abandoned flag.

This Thursday (19) is the Independence Day of Afghanistan from British rule in 1919. And in many places the commemoration turned into a struggle, with protesters exchanging Taliban flags with Afghanistan.

Violent repression was repeated. In Azadabad, in the east of the country, people were killed during the protest.. The exact number is not yet known, or whether they were killed in Taliban shootings or trampled on in the melee.

German TV network Deutsche Welle says three of his journalists are wanted by the TalibanA relative of a newspaper editor was killed in Herat when militants tried to locate the journalist. The publisher is based in Germany, the company said.

Wrote the channel’s general directorIt is clear that the Taliban are conducting organized searches for journalists, Kabul and provinces. ”

The extremist group that follows a distorted version of Islam, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the same name used between this Thursday and 1996, 2001, officially called the country when the Taliban first brutally ruled the country. Time.

During the day, Taliban militants used machine gun fire to do this. Scenes of frustration have been repeated. Women and children try to measure the wall to enter inside.

The video shows soldiers allowing a woman to pass. Shows another child being pulled inside.

According to the Western Military Alliance, so far Twelve people died at or around the airport. 16 countries have already withdrawn foreigners and Afghans from the capital, and the effort is not over.

US President Joe Biden has acknowledged that he can extend his operations in Afghanistan. Biden set a release date of August 31 at the end of this month, but, considering the difficulties, he said, If there are still American citizens on Afghan soil, the military can stay at the airport.

The State Department has announced It has already evacuated 7,000 people on U.S. flights, and another 6,000 holders are ready to board inside the airport. The United States is also sending more embassy officials to Kabul. They will double the number of agents to issue visas to those who want to leave the country.