March 25, 2023

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Monkeys kill 250 dogs in India for revenge!

Monkeys have killed 250 dogs in India in retaliation

  • Angry monkeys take revenge on dogs in India

  • Already 250 dogs have been killed by the animals

  • According to locals, the killing was in retaliation for the killing of a baby monkey dog.

In the Beat District of Maharashtra (India), angry monkeys take revenge on dogs. According to the Indian newspaper News 18, about 250 dogs were killed by the animals.

Residents told the publication that the situation began about a month ago when some dogs killed a cub.

After that, the animals began to kill the offspring in the area, throwing them from the tops of trees or buildings. They wait for the dogs and take them to a higher place somewhere to throw and attack.

Foresters were called in to catch the monkeys in the village of Laoul, but not a single animal was caught. The villagers tried to save the dogs, but the animals also began to attack the humans, who fell from the buildings and injured themselves.

After all the dogs in the village died, the monkeys started attacking the little ones, which caused panic among the people of the area.

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