March 25, 2023

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Millie Lacombe: Social Political Expressions Show The World Has Changed – 07/23/2021

In the early days Tokyo Olympic Games, Issues such as the struggle against diversity and prejudice were addressed in different contexts, from athletes who refused to wear short dresses in the German delegation, to gay gestures, respect for gender and the celebration of oryx.

In your participation in the show UOL News 2020 Olympics, With socio-political manifestations, says journalist Millie Lacombe says the world is going through a learning period, and considers it an irreversible situation that makes this Olympic edition so important in the finals.

“I think they will be the most important games in our recent history. I do not want to say that this epidemic, this tragedy we are experiencing teaches us things, because I do not think we should learn anything from pain and suffering like this, but epidemic reveals things, so much pain, Despite all this suffering, we are beginning to understand that the world is changing, that there is no going back, that there is no going back, ‚ÄĚsays Millie.

“All these socio-political manifestations show us that the world has changed and that we will never go back to the conditions of misery before that. We will celebrate the oryx, we will fight to wear the clothes that people want, to use the pronouns we should and should be called, and ‘Samuts’. We are all learning, everyone is learning, it’s beautiful to look at, everyone is learning together, “he concludes.

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