March 21, 2023

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Micron: The good and bad news of the new variant of Kovit-19 – International

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The world has been affected by the micron tsunami. Scientists, politicians and, in fact, we all struggle to figure out what this means for our lives.

Restrictions are increasing in many countries to deal with the new variant of the new corona virus.

There is a constant stream of new information – some worrying, some positive. So where are we?

We do not go back to the past

It’s easy to forget, but we’re so much better than we were at this time last year, and many of us couldn’t find our family at Christmas.

The spread of the alpha variant in late 2020 led to new isolation measures, and vaccination began worldwide.

Low-risk micron

If you take micronutrients, it is less likely to get seriously ill than previous variants.

Studies around the world are drawing a consistent picture that the micron is less aggressive than the delta variant, with victims being 70% less likely to end up in the hospital.

Micronutrients can cause mucus symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose and headache, but this does not mean that everyone will have mild coagulation – some will get more seriously ill.

Changes in the virus appear to have made it more dangerous, but the severity of the immunity has been reduced as a result of the vaccine and previous Govt episodes.

But the micron spreads very fast

The low severity of the new variant is only half of the equation, because even though the chances of someone ending up in the hospital are small, if many are affected, the two effects override each other and we return to zero.

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Infecting people is Micron’s true talent. It spreads faster than other types and may pass a portion of the immune system against previous vaccines and infections.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post

Adult age has always been the greatest risk factor for becoming seriously ill with goiter.

In the UK, most cases of migraine are in people under the age of 40, so we do not know what will happen to the elderly and vulnerable people.

The ability of the micron to partially suppress the immune system is more likely to affect older people than it is during the delta variation wave.

Many have received booster levels, but security is declining over time

The protection created by two-dose vaccines against micron appears to be inadequate, which has led to a massive expansion of the booster dose campaign in many countries.

However, protection against microns decreases after ten weeks. Care lasts longer after more severe disease manifestations.

But now we have antivirals

Newer drugs should keep more patients out of the hospital.

They are offered to those at high risk of covitative death, including those with cancer and those who have had organ transplants.

Molnupiravir is an antiviral drug that interferes with our body’s ability to replicate micronutrients and reduce hospital admissions by up to 30%.

Sotrovimab is an antibody treatment that adheres to the virus and reduces adhesion by 79%.

Both suppress the virus, which gives the immune system time to react.

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Hospitals feel the pressure

Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff have already realized the number of people taking micronutrients.

In the UK, this is already considered the busiest Christmas season of all time.

Overall, 94.5% of adult beds were 89% last year.

The next few weeks are important

The question is, even if everything works out in our favor – mild viruses, antivirals, booster shots – is it enough to deal with the variation that spreads faster than we have ever seen before? Or need additional restrictions?

We will know these answers very soon if all this is happening at any speed.

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