March 25, 2023

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Micron: Government says it expects ‘further clarification’ before extending air restrictions | Policy

The federal government said in an official statement on Tuesday (30) that it was waiting for “further clarification” on the epidemiological situation. Omigron variant In the corona virus Angola, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia Before defining whether it will block flights from these countries to Brazil.

Saturday (27), National Institute of Health Monitoring (ANVISA) Brazil has issued a technical note recommending that the list be expanded Added to this flight control from South African countries, and began to veto flights of those four countries.

“Monitoring of the epidemiological situation in the world, especially in countries with confirmed cases of the new variant, will continue to be carried out by the Ministry of Health through the Ministry of Health through the Office of Health Monitoring, which coordinates an environment room to monitor the evolution of the epidemic.”See below in full)

The memorandum issued by the Central Government did not mention anything about the possibility Those coming to Brazil need a vaccination certificate.

In a note sent to GloboNews, Anvisa said at the meeting that it maintained “the need for immediate action.”

“With the identification of Omicron in the territory of Brazil, the company said it was still necessary to accept the restrictions. The company reiterates the terms of its technical recommendations,” says Anvisa.

This restriction came into effect on Monday (29). The order was signed by Ciro Noguevara (Gaza Civil), Anderson Torres (Justice and Public Security), Marcelo Guerrero (Health) and Tarcio Gomez de Freidas (Infrastructure).

This Tuesday, representatives from the same portfolios and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended a meeting with Anvisa – the ministers did not go to the site. The government did not say when the next meeting would be held on the issue.

Commenting on the actions taken by Brazil against Micron, the epidemiologist said, ‘We should not impose discriminatory measures by country.

All continents are already registered Cases of the Omigron variant of the new corona virus. On Sunday (28), Canada became the first country in the United States to confirm the epidemic, with 2 cases in the province of Ontario.

Originally known as B.1.1.529, this variant was first detected in South Africa by virologist Tulio de Oliveira, director of the nation’s Epidemiological Response and Discovery Center, which announced the discovery on Thursday (25).

This variant is worrying because it contains 50 mutations – one never seen before – in more than 30 “spike” proteins (the “key” to enter viral cells and the target of most vaccines against Covit-19.)

The third suspected case is still pending by Lutz, a passenger who landed in Quarulhos from Ethiopia.

According to the Sவோo Paulo State Department of Health, the two confirmed cases are a 41-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman from South Africa.

Sao Paulo identifies the first two events of Omigran in Brazil

Sao Paulo identifies the first two events of Omigran in Brazil

Both received positive results in PCR tests collected on November 25 at the Einstein Laboratory established at the Quarulhos International Airport. Both had mild symptoms at the time.

Both are Brazilian missionaries who live in South Africa and come to Sவோo Paulo to visit family members living in the eastern part of the city of Sவோo Paulo.

Rules for countries with restricted flights

In the last 14 days the law suspending flights from these six countries has also suspended the recognition of foreigners traveling to or passing through these six African countries to Brazil.

The text published by the government also offers some exceptions. According to the text, within the last 14 days of a Brazilian traveler arriving or crossing six African countries, upon entering the Brazilian border, they must have been isolated for 14 days in the final destination city.

This rule applies to travelers who fall into one of the following situations:

  • A foreigner with permanent residence in the territory of Brazil, for a fixed or indefinite period;
  • A foreign professional working in the service of an international organization, until identified;
  • A foreign official accredited by the Brazilian government; And
  • Brazilian foreign spouse, partner, child, parent or guardian; A foreigner recognized exclusively by the Brazilian government for public interest or humanitarian reasons; And a foreigner with a National Migration Register.
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Read below the full note published by the Civil House:

At this Tuesday (30) meeting, in Palacio do Planaldo, representatives of the Ministries of Civil House and Health; Justice and public security; Infrastructure; The Foreign and National Health Watchdog (ANVISA) has decided that further clarification of the epidemiological situation in Angola, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia is needed before deciding on a new variant of the corona virus called Ômicron. On the restrictions recommended in Anvisa’s Technical Note.

Monitoring of the epidemiological situation in the world, especially in countries with confirmed cases of the new variant, will be carried out regularly by the Ministry of Health through the Secretariat for Health Monitoring, which coordinates an environment room. Epidemic in Brazil and the world.

The federal government is keeping an eye on changes in the epidemiological profile with states, municipalities and the federal district, and will constantly renew exceptional and temporary restrictions on entry into Brazil. Opportunity, convenience and precautionary policies.