March 25, 2023

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Micron: ECDC warns of hospitalization and death “most serious risk” in Europe

A Omigron Provides “a Very serious riskExpansion of the European Economic Area (EEA) region, which includes the European Union and some of its allies A strong threat To the European Health Organizations, the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety S.Tella KriakideS.

The latest World Health Organization (WHO) concern variant (VdP) is more likely to come Causing more hospitalization and deaths In addition to what is already expected, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) warns in this Wednesday’s update, updating data on a new variant of anxiety.

“A Vaccine efficacy Is against the acute disease caused by delta variability High The vaccine is therefore important in reducing the impact of Ómicron and reducing the rotation of the delta. ” ECDC addsEstimates that “vaccines have already saved half a million lives.”

“Social infection is already a fact in the ESA”. VdP “Delta is primary”, but according to forecast models “in the first two months of 2022” Ómicron will dominate the European region.

“Even if the severity of the disease caused by VdP Ómicron is equal to or less than the severity of the delta, the prevalence and consequent increase in cases is faster than the benefits of low severity. Therefore, it is highly probable that Ómicron will cause more hospitalizations and deaths than previously estimated,” the ECDC said. Warns.

A Common risk to public health Thought to be related to the origin and spread of Omigran “very high“The ECDC calls on ESA countries to take immediate action to control the epidemic and increase immunity through vaccination.

So far, There is only one death Associated with Ómicron. One died in the UK due to the latest VdP.

The news came from Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday, December 13, two weeks after the first cases of this latest VdP were discovered in the UK.

No details have been released about the victim. It is not known how old she was, whether she had infections or whether she was vaccinated for Covit-19. It is only known that he was in a hospital setting, but the cause of death has not even been revealed. It may not even be Omigran’s first murder, but it was the first recorded.

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Boris Johnson, who went to the vaccination center in London, said, “I think we should put aside the idea that this is a less serious version of the virus and recognize the rate at which it is improving in the population.

A The latest VdP It continues to spread rapidly around the world and is already the cause of Govt-19 At least 80 countries, Including China, where SARS – Cove-2 Exactly two years ago. There are currently more than 10,000 confirmed cases.

The ECDC Indicates that the most recent VdP has been detected in at least 27 ESA countries. Portugal is one of those countries.

Norway (1498), Denmark (310) and France (170) are the most diagnosed with Omicron disease in ESA countries, according to the latest ECDC bulletin. Portugal maintains 69 cases.

The WHO Director-General warns people not to underestimate the value of this VdP, which underscores the rapid spread and the risk of rapid completion of health services that are not ready for the urgent need for beds.

Omigron cases now number over 5,300, and it is estimated that this VdP will soon dominate London, where 50% of cases have already been reported.

In about three weeks, the new VdP has already spread to all four corners of the globe, triggering it Mild symptoms, But this is too early for definitive conclusions in this assessment.

The Call to the WHO Director-General This was underlined by the appearance of Omigron, “to streamline access to different countries for anti-Govt vaccines, treatments and tests”.

In addition to the apparent increased prevalence, many governments have decided to tighten social controls in an effort to curb the threat of variability of unknown severity. Close boundaries, Especially to African countries, led the UN Secretary-General to talk about “travel racism”.

It has been proven that there are many victims of this new variation Asymptomatic, These Key symptoms Developed by Ómicron and should be taken into account:

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A small proportion of patients diagnosed with Omigran disease in South Africa have a high fever, persistent cough, and loss of taste or smell. The most severe symptoms are mainly recorded People who have not been vaccinated Against Govt-19.

Experts recommend that you plan your planned travels best because of restrictions in each country, such as isolation or sudden imprisonment.

Two questions every traveler should ask themselves:

  • This trip could be Postponed?
  • No Flexibility For any inconveniences?
  • The Travel budget Is this enough to increase costs?


A variant called P.1.1.529 Discovered by the researcher Rachel Vienna On November 19, from a sample collected ten days ago, the World Health Organization was informed (WHO) November 24th.

This is two days later. “Anxiety variation”(VdP) mainly due to verified rapid spread and many mutations. This list has been renamed as Integration Omigron.

Team Technical advice for the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 virus The WHO (TAG-VE, in English-speaking acronym) has been integrating a network of WHO reference laboratories to study Covid-19, detecting continuous mutations, including S protein, and actively researching new variants. Or “Spikes”(Spike), cells responsible for infection.

Researchers around the world are also studying Omigron, Transmission, severity of infections and verified symptoms, reaction to vaccines, diagnostic tests and follow-up treatments.

Results are still low, recommend High potential for re-infection Those who already have Govt-19 than previous types, but, according to the WHO, do not justify blocking trips.

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, He also mentioned “Travel racism“Against some African countries, it is aimed at identifying above all else Omigron And shared data with other parts of the world.

WHO calls on various countries and citizens to share data from hospital-admitted “govt patients” to expedite their knowledge of Omigran Basic measures to control infection:

  • Social space of at least one meter;

  • Use of approved masks;

  • Regular ventilation of enclosed spaces;

  • Avoid crowded places;

  • Wash your hands regularly;

  • Cough or sneeze to protect yourself with your elbow or handkerchief;

  • Vaccinate as soon as possible.

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Preliminary reports indicate that there is a higher risk of re-infection compared to VdP Previous events, but no clear conclusion about this threat is yet. Vaccines are considered more effective and PCR tests will detect Omicron.

It is not clear that the new variant causes more severe diseases than previous diseases, including delta. Preliminary data only show an increase in hospital admissions, especially in South Africa.

Two years of SARS-CoV-2

We have been living around the world for about two years with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Govt-19. This time, this is the last family member Corona virus It has affected more than 263 million people across the planet, and is powered by at least five VdP.

In each infected organism, copies are created and transmitted, allowing the virus to modify and develop from the original one that caused the infection.

Since at least September 2020, there have been a number of concerns among health professionals about the potential for high resistance or the severe form of Govt-19.

But what are the types of Covit-19 virus?

Viruses, in general, infect a host and then start copying, that is, making their own copies.

Most viruses are created RNA, A genetic material, for example, is more unstable than DNA. This trait changes over time, slightly altering the respective genetic sequence.

Sequence changes are called genetic changes. Called viruses with mutations Strains or variations.

Some mutations may not change the properties of the virus, while others may be harmful to the virus itself, but may allow some “selective advantage” to make the virus more “friendly” to the host and harmless. .

In the case of the virus that causes SARS-CoV-2, Covit-19, the WHO classifies them as “variants of anxiety” (VdP) that have the potential to cause serious or very contagious infections. Placed under close observation. .

Find out what the current SARs-CoV-2 “Variations of Anxiety” are: