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Miami firefighter’s 7-year-old daughter dies in building collapse – 07/02/2021 – World

Number of deaths Building collapse on SurfaceTwo bodies were found in the rubble this Friday (2) north of Miami Beach, Florida. Among them, a seven-year-old girl, the daughter of a Miami firefighter.

This is the third child to die in the rubble south of the Champlain Towers that collapsed in the early hours of June 24. City Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa said the discovery was particularly difficult on firefighters, who are trying to find survivors, which is less likely every day.

“Every victim we remove is very difficult,” said Alan Kominski, the region’s fire chief. “It was even more so last night when we saw a colleague’s daughter. What do we as firefighters do? It’s a kind of call, we always say it. But it still costs us a lot.”

When the girl’s body was removed, police and firefighters hugged and cried, said Elat Edri, deputy commander of the Israeli team working in the rubble. On the ninth day of the search, another 128 people are still missing and may be buried under tons of perforated concrete, twisted metal and wood cracks. As of this Thursday (1), that number is 145. Levina Kawa, this number is liquid because residents have been found safe elsewhere.

After a break due to security concerns at the location, the search for survivors resumed Thursday afternoon. At least 29 Latin Americans are missing. The list of dead includes Venezuela and Uruguay-Venezuela.

‘I opened the door and there was no sidewalk above it,’ says the Brazilian

Most of the residents were asleep at the time of the tragedy. Deborah Soriano, a 58-year-old Brazilian businesswoman, was cleaning the house after having friends for dinner. Suddenly, she felt an explosion and was thrown across the room.

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When he opened the door of his apartment, he was faced with emptiness. “I do not know what’s going on. Is it a terrorist attack or an earthquake? I can not catch it,” he says. “I went upstairs and looked like a fog, I couldn’t see anything. I wanted to leave, I opened the apartment door, there was no hallway. Nothing else. Everything was down. “

Deborah lived on the 11th floor, and the apartment next to her collapsed. He was able to get out of the emergency stairs and see other neighbors below, but the doors were blocked by rubble. “We saw there was a hole in the wall, we went through this hole, we went from hole to hole. We were able to get out of the front of the building. Then the firefighters came with a bunch of ladders. It was so crazy, in fact, I don’t even know how long it lasted.”

Many are missing in your upstairs neighborhood. He believes that being awake during the tragedy has made a difference for her to protect herself because she is alert. To keep her cool, Deborah talked on the phone with her son.

She was able to change clothes and get her wallet. “I was so crazy about taking my wallet out, but I thought at least it would have an identity with me if something happened to me.”

Another Brazilian who lived in the building was Eric de Maura, He saved himself from the fall while responding to his girlfriend’s request That night she slept at home. Another Brazilian man escaped because he came to see his mother, but News awaits from her husband and five-year-old son, They are missing.

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Deborah lived in the building for six years. City Hall said he and the other survivors had no expectation of recovering what was left inside the apartments. “The building is moving a lot. No one wants to take the risk of sending someone back there, ”he says. She now lives in a friend’s apartment and says she does not remember what happened until she left the building. “It simply came to our notice then. I think the plug won’t drop for a few weeks. ”

Searches resumed

Built 40 years ago, the Champline Towers South complex had 12 floors and 136 apartments. For the reasons investigated, the unseen block of the ocean collapsed.

This Thursday, US President Joe Biden went to Surface with his wife, Jill, to offer condolences to the relatives of the victims and to meet with local officials. The White House has ordered the sending of resources and agents to assist in the search. Biden did not go to the landslide area, but attended a memorial set up in a block.

Only one young man was pulled from the rubble in the early hours of the rescue operation. “You can’t deny the current situation: it’s been more than six days since the crash, and the chances of finding people alive are slim,” said Elat Etri, deputy commander of the Israeli team.

The report on the condition of the building indicates “significant structural damage” and “cracks” in the building’s parking lot in early 2018. The release of the letter from the president of the Co-Owners Association, dated April, sparked a debate over whether disaster could be averted.

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