March 25, 2023

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Mexico seeks re-issuance of visas from Brazilians to prevent illegal immigration to the United States | The world

Government Mexico Or Brazilians need a visa again According to a document released Wednesday (14) by the Mexican government, it wants to enter the country. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

This need appears to be a way out Encourage Brazilians to go to Mexico United States From the ground – The border between the two North American countries is experiencing a migration crisis with the arrival of more people, including Brazilian citizens.

Wall-photo on the US-Mexico border in Rome (Texas): Ed Jones / AFP

According to US officials, they are More than 46,000 Brazilians are detained on the US-Mexico border Between October 2020 and September 2021. This is more than double the amount recorded in 2019 when it was 18 thousand. Among those detained by border agents, Brazilians are in sixth place.

In the document, the The Mexican government is signaling that the demand will be temporary. “The migration flows of Brazilians can continue unabated with a purpose other than the one allowed to Mexico by suppressing the visa requirement on ordinary passports.

The Brazilian died of thirst and hunger trying to enter the United States

Recently, Brazilian Lenilda dos Santos, 49, died while trying to cross between Mexico and the United States. Thirst and hunger, He died alone in the American desert, Dropped by Coyote – the name given to those who facilitated the crossing – and by others who traveled. Remember the video above.

U.S. Senator criticizes Brazilians for ‘designer costumes’

U.S. Republican Senator Lindsay Graham said in an interview with a television network that 40,000 Brazilians have crossed the border between the United States and Mexico. “Using Gucci Branded Clothes and Bags”.

He, who is part of the opposition to President Joe Biden, issued a statement to Fox News on Wednesday (13) but did not submit evidence of what he said.

“Biden’s political choices are all over the world. We had 40,000 Brazilians at the Yuma border post alone. [o estado de] Connecticut wears branded dresses and Gucci bags. This is no longer economic migration. People see that America is open, they are taking advantage of us, and it will not be long before we join a terrorist mob.

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