December 8, 2022

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Mexican archaeologists are forced to bury an unusual discovery made in the ancient Aztec capital, Socio-Africa.

Plan to rebuild Historical monument Mexican archaeologists in Mexico City were forced to hide an attractive find. But why do they behave like this? How big an invention is this?

Well, this is a tunnel built many centuries ago, the Albardon de Ekadebek (system Controlling flooding Waterways and dams). According to Mexican archaeologists, it served to protect the historic city of Tenochidlan from rising waters.

This city was the capital of the empire Aztec, With an engineering thought, could avoid flooding due to heavy rain, however, the Spanish conquerors failed. Alberton and other structures were built / repaired in the early 18th century after several floods that filled the city of colonial Mexico.

Image: INAH TV / YouTube)

In 2019, Mexican archaeologists from the National Anthropology and History (INAH), Found A tunnel that preserves the cultures of the time. At just 8.4 meters long, the tunnel represents a small part of the Albardon de Ekadebek monument, which is more than four kilometers long.

Mexican archaeologists say the tunnel will be closed again

Although it was small, the team found eleven symbols, which included representations of battle armor, raindrops, and bird’s head. “One of the goals of our project was to learn the construction structure of the road, which allowed us to prove that there were no pre – Hispanic methods. The researchers explained. “Everything is Roman and Spanish influential,” they concluded.

The aim is to expose this discovery to the public so that people can access these Spanish and Aztec cultural elements, but that will not happen. According to INAH researchers, the lack of funding prevents the construction of systems to protect the tunnel from destruction and other problems, which may arise if there are no safety measures at the exhibition.

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However, not only will they fail to disclose it, it will be closed again so as not to cause any damage. According to Mexican archaeologists, the economic impact of the epidemic greatly affected this decision! Mexico is also one of the countries most severely affected by COVID-19, where more than 240,000 people have died and the rising tax on infection is worrying.

Everything will be resolved soon, but unfortunately no one will see the tunnel discovered by our ‘Hermanos’!

With information from Scientific warning.