April 1, 2023

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Men arrested for stealing celebrity jewelry worth R $ 190 million

The jewelry thieves were arrested in a series of robberies at the homes of celebrities, where they received about மில்லியன் 26 million (R $ 193 million) worth of stolen luxury items.

Djokovic Jovanovic, Alessandro Donati and Alessandro Maltese were among those who coached football coach and former England player Frank Lampard, TV presenter Christine Lampard, Formula 1 successor Tamara Ecclestone and the late LeBron Schreiber, president of the late Football Club.

Police described it as “a series of the most valuable home robberies in UK history”. The men were sentenced to life imprisonment on Monday (15) after being found guilty at an earlier hearing.

The trio, from Milan, Italy, flew to the UK a few days before committing their first theft, where they took items worth about 60,000 (R $ 443,000) to an address near Kensington & Chelsea neighborhoods in London on December 1, 2019. According to police information.

A few days later, on December 10, 1 million of watches and cash were stolen from an address in Knightsbridge.

The criminals then targeted a house in Palace Green, where they took items worth £ 26 million, including diamonds, gems, watches and cash.

Authorities said most of the stolen jewelry and watches were not recovered.

The mob was so meticulous in concealing their identities – only paying money, wearing disguises and hats, and not walking around as a group – “the trio praised us individually for finding out who they were and finding them.”

From a 13-second clip of grain CCTV footage showing robbers sneaking out through the back garden of Palace Green property, police were able to establish the crime scene.

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Security camera footage showed the group boarding an unfamiliar black taxi while fleeing, prompting authorities to identify at least 1,007 taxis in the area at the time.

Police tried to track down all the taxis, and only by talking to the taxi driver number 1,004 were they able to locate the driver who liked the thieves and determine the usual route for the gang.

“This story is comparable to what you see in a Hollywood movie, but unfortunately it involves real life and real victims,” ​​Federal Special Criminal Investigator Andrew Payne said in a statement.

Jovanovich, 24, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit theft and money laundering, and was sentenced to a total of 11 years in prison.

Donati, 44, and Maltese, 45, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery and were sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison.

‘I feel insecure in my home’

In reports of the victims ‘impact, the robbers’ targets talk about how the attacks affected them.

“I would say this incident had a huge impact on our overall sense of security, especially with the 16-month-old baby,” Frank Lampard said. “My job is that I travel often and that raises my concern. My wife and I did not sleep well because of this incident.

His wife, Christine Lampart, said she was unable to sleep after the robbery: “I’m very scared of being alone in my own home, I’m less confident in those who come home and feel insecure. I have a daughter and I feel vulnerable in a home where I have always felt safe and happy.

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Meanwhile, the family of the late Srivastava Prabha said that his father’s residence had previously been a “place of reflection and prayer”.

“When he spent his last night before he died we realized it was a strong connection with him. Since the theft, our sacred and special connection has been damaged and irreparably violated,” they added.

Ecclestone, the daughter of former Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone, said: “I feel like I have no people to trust because I’m so scared not to leave my daughter home alone at night. I do not know if I can trust anyone.

“(My daughter) is talking about thieves now. It’s so hard and trying to pretend that nothing really happened and trying to make the house feel like a safe place is the worst part,” he added.

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