December 9, 2022

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Measures against health passport are gathering thousands of people in France World

Protesters against health passports took to the streets in more than 150 French cities this Saturday (7). This is the fourth weekend fight in a row. Participants want the government to back down from the move that became law last week.

Despite opposition from a section of the population to the health passport, it will definitely come into effect from next Monday (9).

This document will also be required for bars and restaurants, concert halls, crowded events and any hospital or health center to monitor patients.

In addition, boarding machines for long-haul flights, trains and buses will continue to be mandatory.

Demonstration in the French capital, Paris, rallies against health passports – Photo: Stephen de Sagudin / AFP

“No to the health dictatorship!”, “Health Passport: The Death of Individual Freedom!”, “The New Wave We: Against the Health Passport!”, Protesters chanted in major French cities, most of them without a mask, this Saturday. Across the country, the mobilization rallied 237,000 people, according to a balance sheet released by the French Interior Ministry.

In Paris, about 17,000 people took part in four marches that started from different parts of the capital. People chanted slogans against the French government and President Emmanuel Macron. One of the marches was called by Florian Philip, the leader of the far-right Patriots party, who called for the “complete resignation” of the entire administration.

Demonstrations took place in several French cities, including the country’s capital, Paris – Photo: Stephen de Sagudin / AFP

In this fourth round of mobilization, opponents are mainly competing for the bill of the French Constitutional Council last Thursday (5), which made the health passport an important means in the fight against Covit-19 in France. . Mandatory immunizations bother health professionals and workers who have direct contact with very vulnerable people, such as firefighters.

The profile of the members of the movement is different. These actions unite sympathizers on the far right and far left, citizens who oppose the imposition of a health passport, but also members of the anti-vaccine, as well as yellow-clad.

“I’m been fully vaccinated for a month now. The problem is not the vaccine, it’s the plucking of freedom. I think we can reassure the government. We will be in greater numbers from September. We will return from vacation. When lost, I hope the movement will be thicker, ”said one participant in the Paris mobilization. Identified, for RFI.

47 thousand protesters in the south

The area where most of the protesters were able to gather was in the south of France. In all, 47,000 people took to the streets in Provence-C டிte d’Azur, particularly in the cities of Toulon (19,000), Nice (10,000) and Marseille (at least 6,000). In the Brittany region of northwestern France, the movement was able to gather 14,745 protesters, more than 3,000 last Saturday (31).

In Toulon, physiotherapist Olivier Lacombe, 37, told AFP that “the disease mainly affects the elderly or vulnerable people” and that health professionals do not understand the need to vaccinate. “The vaccine should be a tool among others. It is important to allow people to choose freely,” he says.

In Marseille, the tone of the protesters’ speech was harsh. “I’m not vaccinated and I do not want to be vaccinated. If they want to force me, they can even say I’m going to lose my job, but I’m sure,” Social Affairs Director Celine Polo told AFP. “I can’t accept people who don’t know my health making decisions for me,” he reiterated.

The protests come a day after Macron made a fresh appeal to the public to get vaccinated. The president invests in communicating through social networks to vaccinate citizens. Across France, 54.6% of the population is fully vaccinated and more than 65% have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

France is currently facing a fourth wave of Covit-19 and is experiencing an increase in infections and hospitals due to the rapid spread of the delta variant. Data released last Friday (6) showed that in a 24-hour period, 862 people were admitted to French hospitals and 60 died. 90% of patients in ICUs in the country are not vaccinated.

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