June 28, 2022

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McDonald’s opens new stores in Russia | The world

“Name changes, but love remains”: The goal is to reopen the former McDonald’s units in Russia this Sunday (12) as a local brand, after the American chain left the country due to the conflict in Ukraine.

The group’s old restaurants, this Announced his departure from the country after more than 30 years of presenceRenamed by their new Russian owner “Vkousno i tochka” (“delicious. Full stop”, in Portuguese translation).

The characteristic yellow logo is replaced by two stylized orange stripes, which represent two French fries, with a red dot.

Russia’s New McDonald’s puts final touches just minutes before opening

In Moscow, an employee cleans a self-service machine at the Russian version of the old McDonald’s restaurant before the opening ceremony.

“We try to do everything possible so that our customers do not notice any difference in the environment, taste or quality,” said Oleg Faroev, CEO of the chain’s responsible group.

Businessman Alexander Gower, the new owner of Russia’s fast food chain, says more than 50,000 former McDonald’s employees across the country will continue their work. He promised that the taste of the products would not change and that he would strive to improve the network.

“We hope that the number of customers will not decrease, but increase. More and more now it is a Russian company,” Gower declared.

“I am very proud to have been able to upgrade this company. I am ambitious not only to reopen 850 restaurants, but also to create new ones,” he said.

Double cheese burger menu with fries, sauce and soda at the Russian version of the former McDonald’s restaurant during the opening ceremony in Moscow.

Alexander Gower, 62, has been running 25 restaurants in various Siberian cities since 2015 under McDonald’s ownership. The deal was struck on May 19, three days after McDonald’s announced his withdrawal from the Russian market.

The fast food chain has been in the country for over 30 years and Russia, still the Soviet Union, was one of the first windows in the Western world.

It was the most popular brand for this reason: it represented the country with about 9% of the US group revenue.

The first restaurant owned by Russia opened its doors this Sunday at noon (6:00 GMT) in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, with the right to stand in line at the door.

In January 1990, two years before the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia’s first McDonald’s opened a historic site.

Customers line up to enter the Russian version of the old McDonald’s restaurant after the opening ceremony in Moscow.

Fifteen points of sales of the network will open in the Russian capital this Sunday. The chain expects 50 more stores to reopen this Monday (13), and soon, operations will resume from 50 to 100 restaurants per week across the country.

Paroyev said the company should remove from the menu some items that directly refer to McDonald’s, such as McFlurry and Big Mac. The packaging is neutral because no material can refer to the McDonald’s group.

Paroyev said hamburger prices in Russia would be slightly higher than the US chain due to inflation, but promised they were “affordable”.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sofian went to the main restaurant in the morning and announced in a telegram that the quality of service would remain the same.

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