March 23, 2023

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Matt Daniels appointed as Special Teams Coordinator

Matt Daniels appointed as Special Teams Coordinator

Special Teams Assistant Ben Kotoika

Kotwica coaching career

US Military Academy Middle School 2005-06 (Defense Coordinator)

Aircraft 2007-08 (Defence/QC Special Teams); 2009-12 (Associate Special Teams); 2013 (Special Teams Coordinator)

Leaders 2014-18 (Special Teams Coordinator)

Falcons 2019-20 (Special Teams Coordinator)

Offensive Coordinator Wes Phillips

Phillips College/NFL Training Experience

UTEP 2003 (Student Assistant)

West Texas A&M 2004-05 (Quarterback)

Baylor 2006 (Quarterback)

Cowboys 2007-10 (QC/Attack Assistant); 2011-12 (auxiliary offensive line); 2013 (narrow ends)

Leaders 2014-18 (narrow ends)

2019-20 rams (narrow ends); 2021 (tight endings and coordinator scrolling game)

Defensive Back Daronty Jones

Jones training experience

Lenoir-Rhyne 2001 (Graduate Assistant)

Nicholls State 2002 (Safeties)

Franklin High School (Louisiana) 2003 (Defensive Coordinator)

Generet High School (Louisiana) 2004 (Cornerbacks)

Bowie State 2005-09 (Assistant Director and Defense Coordinator)

University of California, Los Angeles 2010 (Graduate Assistant)

Montreal Alois 2011 (Defensive Appearance)

Hawaii 2012-13 (minor); 2014 (Assistant Coach and Secondary)

Wisconsin 2015 (Defensive Appearance)

The Dolphins 2016-17 (Associate Defensive Back)

Bengals 2018-19 (Cornbucks)

Vikings 2020 (Defensive Appearance)

LSU 2021 (Defensive Coordinator)

Outside Linebackers / Bass Rush Specialist Mike Smith

Smith’s NFL Playing Career

Smith College / NFL coaching career

Hawaii 2009 (Linebackers)

2010-11 Aircraft (Trainee Trainee); 2012 (outside the Linebackers)

Texas Tech 2013 (Joint Defense Coordinator/Outside Linebacker); 2014 (Temporary Defensive Coordinator/Outside Line Players); 2015 (Joint Defense Coordinator/Defensive Line)

2016-17 Chiefs (auxiliary defensive line); 2018 (outside the Linebackers)

2019-21 packages (outside Linebackers)

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