March 21, 2023

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Marijuana, abortion and equal pay: What can change in Germany with the new ruling coalition? | The world

The union of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Green Party and the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) is taking place after a while. Continuing negotiations with themes that define the future Country.

The group released a document entitled “Courage for Greater Progress. Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Sustainability”. New Alliance Responsibilities.

Marijuana legalization, Change in abortion law e Fight wage inequality The new leader, Olaf Scholes, is on the agenda of possible decisions From December 6th.

Cannabis Leaf – Photo: Thinkstock

One of the first announcements of the new alliance is about Marijuana is legalized in the country. According to the parties, sales can only be approved for adults and at specific stores.

“We are going to introduce a restricted sale of cannabis to adults for consumption in authorized stores,” the government contract states.

A Marijuana is released in Germany – for medical use – From 2017. The coalition says the expansion of sales and distribution will “enable quality control” and “protect youth”.

Abortion law of the Nazi era

Another change expected in the new government agreement The end of the controversial law that makes access difficult Abortion was written even in Nazi times.

“Physicians can talk publicly about abortion without being harassed,” the Coalition document says.

Description Shows picture of mother and baby – Photo: AFP

Technically, abortion is not allowed in Germany. But women can do it within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy without risking their lives or blaming themselves for physical or mental health and in cases like rape, sexual miscarriage or stillbirth.

The law of the last century Makes access to information difficult Physicians, until very recently, were unable to speak openly about procedures.

Gender pay inequality

The new government has promised Reduce wage inequality between men and women. Germany is one of the countries with the largest pay gap in the EU.

“We want to end the pay gap between women and men,” the agreement says.

Europe’s largest economy, The Germany lags behind countries like Estonia, Latvia and Austria In the ranking of wage inequality on the continent.

There, Women earn 19.2% less than men. The European average is 14.1%.

Energy from renewable sources

Wind turbines in front of a coal-fired power plant in Germany can be seen in the archive photo. – Photo: Ina Phosphender / Reuters

The tripartite agreement also protects the expansion in the use of renewable energies with bold goals.

By 2030, the parties hope 80% of national energy comes from wind and solar sources. Also, one-third of the German navy will be completely electric.

The coalition also counts Coal power is expected to drop 2038 (current target) to 2030.

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