December 9, 2022

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Man survives whale bite in US | The world

One diver survived United States After being cut off by a whale. Watch the video above.

Michael Packard was a professional lobster fisherman who was diving for work when he ended up at the mouth of a humpback whale on Cape Cod Beach in Massachusetts on Friday morning (11).

Initially, he thought he was the victim of a shark attack because it all happened so fast. “Suddenly I felt this shock, everything went dark,” he told the NBC broadcaster.

He realized the mistake when he noticed that there was no pain and no teeth piercing the skin. Only then did he understand what was happening.

Packard, 56, imagined he would be swallowed and he would die. He said he thought of his family, especially his son, but soon the whale emerged, shook its head and spat it out. He was rescued by his colleagues on a nearby boat.

He estimates he spent 30 to 40 seconds in the animal’s mouth, where he was able to breathe thanks to his oxygen tank.

The diver was taken to hospital with relatively minor injuries. “I only had soft tissue damage to my displaced knee and my legs. I was afraid I was going diving too fast or had a diving injury from an embolism, but that’s right. The doctor told me I was fine,” he explained to NBC.

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