March 27, 2023

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Man can find rocks with sapphires and earn more than $ 500 million

Sri Lankan authorities have announced the discovery of a large rock. But surprisingly, the “treasure” worth $ 72 million is $ 515 million: the backyard of a man identified as Mr. Gamage.

The story began when he commissioned workers to dig a well on his property located in the Ratnapura area, known as the “Jewel City” just below India.

Incidentally, Gamage is a gem merchant and earns a fortune from the discovery of 510 kg of rock. “The person who dug the well warned about some rare stones. Later, we discovered this large specimen,” he told the BBC.

Despite the discovery of the Sapphires a year ago, the entire bureaucratic process of government is now over and the treasure has been made public. Since it was recovered, the rock has been cleaned and analyzed, and experts have certified that the sapphires are of high quality.

“This is a special model of Star Sapphire, the largest in the world. Given its size and value, we hope it will appeal to private collectors or museums,” said Tilak Weerasinghe, chairman of the National Commission on Jewelery and Gems in Sri Lanka.

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