January 30, 2023

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Malafaya embodies Dubai in the script for the Holy Land and turns it into a joke

Paulsanaro’s adviser, Malafaya, included Dubai on a pilgrimage to “visit the places where Jesus went” in the same week as the president’s capital in the United Arab Emirates. “Jesus went through Dubai? Where is it in the Bible?”, A disciple asked

Portal Forum – There is no end to the shamefulness of Pastor Silas Malafaya, an adviser to Jair Bolzano (non-party). The same week that he returned from a tour of the Middle East via the United Arab Emirates, he began a tour caravan to the “Holy Land”, which includes Dubai. So, in 2022, join me in the caravan to Israel and Dubai! ” Announced on his Instagram.

However, the announcement of the annexation of Dubai – the land where only the Jair Messiah had passed – caused outrage among the pastor’s believers and followers.

“Did Jesus go through Dubai? Where is the Bible? ”Gizi Maria asked the priest.

“What has Dubai got to do with the gospel?” Corrected another follower identified as Will John.

“He is going to have a holy feast and a sermon in Dubai. He doesn’t even go there with a Bible, ”Bio Darcisio teased his profile.

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