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Madeleine McCann case: 15 years after Portuguese police suspect; Remember the case | The world

Prosecutors in the Faroe Islands, who are cooperating with German authorities, did not release the suspect’s name.

In 2020, German police said they were investigating a man known as Christian B in connection with the case. He is not charged and denies any involvement in her disappearance.

In 2007, 3-year-old Madeleine went missing during a family vacation in Priya da Luce. Investigators believe she was never found and was abducted from a vacation home where the family was staying at a resort in Algarve. See below for a review of the case.

May 3 marks the 15th anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, according to official figures. Under Portuguese law, a person cannot be declared a suspect after this date. Declaring someone a suspect is a necessary step in any criminal activity.

However, in a statement, the Ministry of Public Works Portugal He said the action was not triggered by date, but was taken by the commission’s “strong indications” of a crime.

The 45-year-old man identified as the suspect in Germany – but not charged – was previously named Christian B by the German press. The surnames of the suspects are generally not disclosed in Germany for privacy reasons.

He is currently serving a prison sentence for other crimes (drug related) in Germany, and was sentenced to seven years in prison for raping a 72-year-old woman.

British police continue to view Madeleine’s disappearance as an investigation into her disappearance.

His case has been the subject of several documentaries, including the Netflix series, which was criticized by his parents.

Jim Gamble, a former police officer who led a review of the case appointed by the Home Office in 2010, told the BBC that the evidence against Christian P. was strong.

“We should not underestimate the punishment of the German police,” he said.

The child protection expert said the phone assigned to the rapist indicated he was in Madeleine’s missing area within 30 minutes. He said Christian B had robbed holiday homes in the area and had baby clothes in his trailer.

Christian B denies any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.

See review of the case below.

Madeleine goes missing from this apartment in the Ocean Club – Photo: PA Media

On May 3, Madeleine, from Rodley, England, spends her family vacation at the Ocean Club in Priya da Loos. Portugal.

On May 12, McCanns says they can not describe the “pain and frustration” they feel.

Portuguese police say they believe Madeleine was abducted, but she is still alive Portugal.

On May 26, police released a description of a man who saw a man the night Madeleine went missing, possibly carrying a child.

In June, a Portuguese police chief admitted that key forensic clues may have been destroyed because the scene was not adequately protected.

In July, British police sent sniffer dogs to help with the investigation, and conducted searches at McConnell’s apartment and rental car.

In August, 100 days after Madeleine’s disappearance, investigators publicly acknowledged that she could not be found alive.

On September 6, Portuguese police interviewed Kate McCann as a witness. On September 7, detectives declared the pair suspicious. A few days later, the McCanns return to the UK. Since then, prosecutors say there has been no new evidence to guarantee further investigation.

In November, Jerry McCann released a video in which he said he believed his family was being monitored by “a hunter” in the days before his daughter went missing.

Kate and Jerry McCann leave church after the first anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance – Photo: PA Media

On January 20, McCanns released a portrait of a suspect based on a British tourist’s description of a “strange man” found at the resort.

In April, Portuguese police flew to the UK to attend interviews with Leicestershire police with friends of McConnell’s dinner at Madeleine’s disappearance.

On May 3, one year after his disappearance, McCann asks people to pray for his daughter.

In July, Portuguese police say they have submitted a final report on the case. Weeks later, authorities suspended the investigation and removed McConnell’s suspicions.

Picture of how Madeleine will be at the age of six has been released – Photo: Find the Madeleine Campaign / PA

On November 3, new pictures of how Madeleine will look like a six-year-old child will be released.

In March 2010, McCanns criticized the publication of unpublished Portuguese police files – along with accounts of witnesses who had seen Madeline – in British newspapers.

A month later, in April, Jerry McCann told police that it was “incredibly disappointing.” Portugal And have not been actively looking for their daughter “for a long time” in the UK.

In November, the couple signed a deal with the publisher to write a book about Madeleine’s disappearance.

The McCann’s book, Madeleine – Photo: PA Media

McConnell’s book, Madeleine, was published in May.

The then Prime Minister, David Cameron, called on the London Metropolitan Police to assist in the investigation.

Detective Andy Redwood, who heads an investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance in the UK, told the BBC his team was “trying to close the case”.

A day before Portuguese authorities say they have not reopened the investigation, a computer-generated image of what nine-year-old Madeleine looked like was released.

In May, UK detectives who reviewed the case said they had identified “several suspects.”

In July, the Metropolitan Police announced the presence of “new evidence and new witnesses” in the case and launched a formal investigation.

In October, detectives identified 41 suspects.

The appeal of the BBC Crimewatch TV show features footage of a man carrying a three- or four-year-old blonde baby in Priya da Loose at Madeleine’s disappearance.

Portuguese police are resuming their investigation – simultaneously with the Metropolitan Police – citing “new investigations”.

Police officers search for the site of Madeleine’s disappearance in 2014 – Photo: Getty Images

In January, British detectives fly in Portugal It has been reported that they are planning to make an arrest.

In June, searches will be conducted in Priya da Loos, including the Bush area, located southwest of the Ocean Club campus. But nothing new was invented.

A month later, in July, four suspects were questioned by police, but without reports.

Madeleine McCann was three years old when she disappeared in 2007 – Photo: BBC

In September 2015, the British government revealed that the investigation had cost more than 10 10 million.

In April 2017, four official suspects questioned by police were released.

In June 2019, the UK government said it would fund the Metropolitan Police investigation until March 2020.

One year later, in June 2020, police revealed that a 43-year-old German prisoner – nicknamed Christian B by the German media – had been identified as a suspect. McCanns thanks the police, saying, “All we wanted to do was find her, find out the truth and bring those responsible to justice.”

“We will never give up hope that Madeleine will be found alive, but whatever the outcome, we need to know how to find peace.”

German investigators have classified the case as a murder investigation and they believe Madeleine is dead.

The UK Metropolitan Police says it has received more than 270 calls and emails following the launch of a new appeal for information.

Madeleine McCann – Photo: PA Media

In April 2022, Portuguese prosecutors announced that they had declared a person an official suspect in the case.

They did not name the person involved, but said they were acting at the request of German authorities.

This came after German police revealed in 2020 that they were investigating a man known as Christian B in connection with the case.