January 30, 2023

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Macron decorates the last member of the French D-Day faction; watch | The world

President Emmanuel Macron Provided one of the highest courses France This Friday (18) D-Day to Leon Cautier, the last member of the French Ground Command, who worked with the Allies to begin Europe’s liberation in World War II.

Exiled President General Charles de Gaulle presented Macron medals to Cautier and other soldiers at a ceremony outside Paris on June 18, 1940, marking the anniversary of the radio speech, calling on the French people to revolt against the Nazi occupation.

The 98-year-old autodier got up from his wheelchair and stood on two canes, while Macron was holding the medal to his chest. Then the French president kissed him on both cheeks and hugged him.

Elected Grand Officer of the Cartier Legion of Honor.

C autte d’Ivoire was one of 177 French naval commandos who escaped to England during the German invasion of France, and was later selected to help guide the first days of de-de Normandy landings, landing on June 6, 1944.

The last surviving member of the unit, Hubert Fahrenheit, died in April this year, leaving only Cautier.

The ceremony took place at the Mont-Valerian Memorial for French WWII fighters outside Paris, inaugurated by former French leader Charles de Gaulle, who in his famous speech of 18 June 1940 urged the French not to fight the Nazi occupation. The officer recalled meeting De Cole as a young soldier in London.

His house is now a few hundred meters from where the same German bunker was.