March 27, 2023

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Lost woman with no memory worked among ‘friends’ and famous jeweler – Monet discovered by police

Daniela Adamkova (Photo: Exposure)

The Surreal story is reminiscent of the story of the ‘guitarist from the sea’ in which a mysterious Polish boy mysteriously appears to two English women. In real life, at least in terms of language, the plot is reversed. A woman was injured by Croatian fishermen and found alone in the rocks. She did not remember who she was or where she came from, but she spoke sinless English.

The bizarre nature of the events of this case and the news given of the woman’s condition soon became news. The 56-year-old woman was rescued ten days ago, and soon her pictures were widely circulated on the Internet, until her friends identified her and contacted Croatian authorities.

Daniela Adamkova (Photo: Exposure)

Daniela Adamkova (Photo: Exposure)

Now the details that bring a cinematic shine to this case: The woman involved is Daniela Adamkova, a former Hollywood jeweler who previously worked on the ‘Friends’ series. Originally from Slovakia, she was recognized by friends in Los Angeles, where her works were used by famous artists such as Barbra Streisand, Diana Rose and Brigitte Bardot.

It is speculated that Daniela was at the place where she was found 10 days ago. The fisherman who found her said she was so weak when she was rescued that she could not drink the water. The Sun reports that she does not even know who she is to the inaccessible part of the land occupied by dangerous animals such as bears and wild boar.

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“We saw the woman on the beach in an inaccessible area. I thought she might walk because she didn’t show that she needed help. She did not wander or call or do anything. The next morning we saw the woman in the same place. It was now suspicious to us. We saw her running up and down nervously and when she saw us she started screaming and screaming and we approached the beach to see what was happening, ”said the fisherman.

Daniela Adamkova (Photo: Exposure)

Daniela Adamkova (Photo: Exposure)

She was identified after press reports about her led to people who knew her. Fortunately, her friend Kelesik Miriam, a Slovak living in Zagreb, Croatia, identified her and contacted the police, who had already been told by Croatian journalists who she was. Another friend in California recognized her. Nina Smith told The Daily Beast that the mysterious woman was Danila, also known as Dana, who worked with her in 2015.

A local news website told 24Sata: “It is strange that she sees that area. This is the most inaccessible part of the bay with very sharp rocks – actually razors that cut the rubber of your shoes. There is no living animal other than wild boar or bear that can swim here for food, but it is rare because there is no food, nothing. A woman of that age certainly could not swim that distance and she needed exceptional strength.

Below is the trailer for the movie ‘Guitarist from the Sea’, quoted in our report.