March 23, 2023

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Lost carrier pigeons stop road in US | The world

The exit from Interstate 95 in Florida had to be closed for three hours because 100 carrier pigeons fell from a truck and refused to move, which could endanger drivers, officials said Wednesday (30).

A box carrier fell on a truck of pigeons Tuesday near Daytona Beach. As the birds spent the night on their perch, they remained on the road until the bright vehicle lights flickered.

They were later flown in and out of danger, Volusia County officials said in a statement.

“This is a very bad situation: carrier pigeons can’t find their way home,” the statement said.

Sheriff’s Office officials, state police and animal welfare staff tried to catch the pigeons and rescued 73 birds. They did not sound, so their owner was not immediately determined, officials said.

“Our job is to help the animals find their way home, whether they are covered in fur, scales or feathers,” said Alicia Tees, Volusia County Animal Control Officer.

“We hope someone can have information about where these birds came from or the truck that carried them,” he said.

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