March 25, 2023

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Los Angeles Police responds to shootings in middle schools and kindergartens; There are wounded in the world

At least one person has been injured in a shooting at a high school in Los Angeles United StatesOn Thursday (2), he informed the local police.

Shortly afterwards, a second victim was shot dead at a nearby kindergarten. Police recommended avoiding the area.

“A Los Angeles school patrol sees a victim shot in the neighborhood,” the agency said in a statement. “Police and firefighters are at the scene. Sandy College is closed. Avoid the area.”

“Los Angeles School Patrol responds to an additional shooting incident on Maple AV and around Maple Main Center on 36th Street. Sandy HS Street. Please stay away from that location.”

California police say they are looking for a suspect in a shooting that escaped on a bicycle.

According to police, the first person shot was Shanti’s student who was sent to the hospital, where his condition is stable. Information on the condition of the second victim admitted to the hospital has not yet been released.

This is the third such incident in American high schools within a week of students returning to face-to-face classes after the outbreak. Govit-19.

Wednesday (1st) A student who was shot in high school has died Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

In the same situation, another shooting The injured student left on Monday (30). A 15-year-old student shot his classmate in a fight.

The report is being updated.

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