March 27, 2023

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Life sentence for young black killers exercising on American streets | The world

Who are the three white men Ahmed killed Arbery, A black man who exercised on the street was sentenced to life imprisonment on Friday (7).

The crime took place in February 2020 and was widely remembered at the time Struggles against racism Who took To us In the same year.

In November 2021, a U.S. state arbitrator Georgia Announced All three accused are guilty Killing Arbor.

To us To us, It can take days or weeks for the sentence to be revealed. Three, whites, are now convicted by American justice:

  • Greg McMichael, no chance of parole
  • Travis McMichael, no chance of parole
  • William “Roddy” Bryan, with parole opportunity

Protesters protest the assassination of Ahmed Arbury in front of the Cline County House in Cline, Georgia (USA) on May 8 – Photo: Sean Raford / Getty Images Afp via North America / Getty Images

When he saw the young man running through the suburbs of Brunswick, three criminals loaded him into a pickup truck to chase the 25-year-old Arbery at the time. Brian, one of the perpetrators, and McMichaels’ next-door neighbor, actually filmed the whole operation. The video came out two months later.

According to a February police report, Gregory McMichael told authorities he believed Arberry was a suspect in a series of robberies in the area. But the young man only exercised on the street.

McMichael said he used his 357 magnet when his son was carrying a gun. When they finally caught the young man, Travis McMichael got out of the truck with a gun, and Arbery’s father began to “violently attack” him, according to the police report.

The man said he saw his son shooting and that Arberry fell to the ground.

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