August 13, 2022

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Lack of education? The scientist says that it is correct to eat with the mouth open with the hand

Most people are surprised to read the title, right? It is due to all of us Life We were taught to eat with our mouths shut Good behaviorAnd using cutlery properly, something to do with etiquette – as well as not putting your elbows on the table.

However, for Charles Spence, a university scientist OxfordOne of the most highly regarded things in the world, we’ve been taught the wrong way, when in fact, eating with your mouth open or using your hands can have important benefits to the eating experience.


Eating with mouth open and using hands instead of cutlery is the right thing to do, says the scientist. Image: Shutterstock/Oksana Kuzmina

Revealed by globe, Spence, head of the university’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory, notes that foods contain volatile organic compounds such as esters, ketones, terpenoids and aldehydes that produce the food’s characteristic aromas and flavors. As you chew with your mouth open, these and other aromatic compounds reach the back of your nose, enhancing the sense of smell and our eating experience.

“Parents instill good manners in their children, extolling the virtues of keeping your mouth shut and chewing politely. However, chewing with your mouth open actually helps release more volatile organic compounds, which contribute to our sense of smell and general perception.

The professor points out that the noise we make when we eat with our mouths open – and which annoys many people – actually triggers the pleasure of eating. For example, French fries and apples are two foods that are considered more pleasant when “the sound of crunch is amplified.”

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“To hear better about an apple, a potato chip, a carrot stick, a cookie, a crusty bread or a handful of popcorn, we always have to break our habits and chew with an open mouth,” he says.

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As for using hands – to the delight of children and the fear of parents – the scientist says the activity is just as beneficial as eating with the mouth open, as touch also plays an important role in how we appreciate food. Food.

“Feeling the soft, organic texture of an apple’s skin in our hands before biting into it contributes to a greater appreciation of the juicy, sweet crunch from the first bite. Eating French fries with your hands can feel like grains of salt stick to your fingers. Our sense of touch is also important in our perception of food on the palate.”

So, will you adopt the new practices?

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