January 30, 2023

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KP Petito case: Future husband escapes “hunt” leads police to find missing five bodies; Understand

YouTube case of missing and murdered KP Petito It shocked the world when it came out in September. Since then, the investigation has included Awesome twists And not just for answers, but for the search for it The body of a young woman And by her ex-fianc, Brian Laundry. However, what the police do not expect is that the investigation will lead to the decision of others Disappearance.

While searching for Petito, the laundry disappeared Refuses to cooperate with investigations. Since then, he has been in great position, but with one charge Domestic Violence Chapter Records of the boy’s transactions with Pony’s bank cards were made public after she went missing. That’s when The “Hunt” Pettito and Laundry found four more bodies on the trip – the bodies of Robert “Bob” Lore.

KP and Brian traveled across the United States by laundry van. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)
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The man went missing on August 20 while visiting Bridger-Dayton National Park in Wyoming. Remnants of coffee Discovered In situations similar to the little girl’s case, the father of two children was last seen on the Black Canyon trail, with a black bag and a destroyed tent. He flew from his hometown of Houston to Jackson Hole, Wyoming on August 19th. Bob’s family searched for him for several weeks without finding any trace.

Robert ‘Bob’ Lorraine’s body was found 40 miles from where the coffee was found. (Photo: Reproduction / Sun)

However, after the echo of the disappearance and The assassination of Petito, Dayton County Sheriff Chad Chasse finally approached Lori for tips on recent moves. “The detailed news of KP Petito’s search helped bring the case to light, and at least two members called local authorities for new information about his whereabouts.” He told the Dayline police show. “New Info put Lower on the Black Canyon track, wearing a black baseball cap with a black ‘bay’ and carrying a black bag bearing the Nike logo.” Revealed.

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Following the new tracks, search and rescue teams split into seven groups and traversed the dense jungle surrounding the Black Canyon. Four hours later, a sniffer dog with a dead body and a black Nike bag was spotted on a steep slope. The remains match Lore, although the cause of death is not yet known, but his family has been notified.

Rumors and surprising findings

However, the surprises of these cases did not stop there. The second body was found amid rumors that the laundry was hidden in the Yatkin Valley Overlook in North Carolina. Locals spread the word that the body belonged to the boy. However, the FBI confirmed that he was not a fugitive because there was no evidence to link the death to Petito’s case. He was later identified as Joshua Calderon, who was stabbed to death, police said.

The situation was even more absurd when a third body was found. While searching for Brian, the FBI found the remains of Sarah Bayard, 55, near a highway in El Paso County, Colorado. The site appeared on Bedito and Laundry’s Instagram as it shared clicks in the tourist city on the same day that Bayard was reported missing.

The remains of Jose Calderon and Sarah Bayard were found while searching Brian Laundry. (Photo: Reproduction / Sun)
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Back in California, in the desert of Yucca Valley, police reportedly found the body of chef Lauren Chow. The 30-year-old woman has been missing since June 28, but her case has garnered media attention again after comparing KP’s disappearance and murder. Unfortunately, authorities have not yet confirmed whether the body is actually that young woman.

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Lauren Cho
Lauren Chow’s body found during Brian Laundry’s hunt (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Finally, on September 20, a fourth body was found near a dumpster in a Walmart supermarket in Alabama. Locals firmly believed the body belonged to Brian Laundry because investigations began the same day the boy passed through town. Eventually, police found the remains of an unidentified homeless man and had nothing to do with Pettito’s case.

It should be noted, however, that none of the bodies found during the search had anything to do with the death of the coffee or the disappearance of the laundry.