March 27, 2023

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Kovid-19 found for hippos at Belgium Zoo World

Hippos Hope e Hermione, Lives at Antwerp Zoo Belgium, Was diagnosed with Govt-19 disease on Saturday (4), Reuters news agency reported. Cases may be from species disease.

Pets have no symptoms other than runny nose, but as a precaution they are isolated. Imani is 14 years old and Hermione is 41 years old.

“As far as I know, this is the first time in the breed that this virus has been reported worldwide, mainly in large monkeys and cats,” said Francis Vergamen, a zoo veterinarian.

Cases of human-infected animals such as pets – including cats, dogs and ferrets – have already been reported, and cases have been reported in zoos, large cats, seals, animals and hyenas.

The disease spread further Mink farms And in wild animals such as deer.

Covit-19 was found to be present in hippos at the Belgium Zoo

The Antwerp Zoo is investigating the causes of the infection. According to the zoo, none of the animal caregivers have recently had any Govt-19 symptoms or tested positive for the virus.

“Ever World in Data” states that 75% of the Belgian population is fully vaccinated against the disease. University of Oxford.

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