December 7, 2022

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Kim Kardashian has been reported by parents about Kanye West - SheKnows

Kim Kardashian has been reported by parents about Kanye West – SheKnows

She may have divorced the rapper and distanced herself from his messy, bitchy world, but Kim kardashian Still suffering at the hands Kanye West.

After dropping it from major brands including Adidas And Balenciaga, who was banned from Twitter and Instagram after his vile anti-Semitic tweets, West was seen arguing with a parent at his son’s soccer match last week.

According to the source he spoke with Hollywood LiveKim has been getting controversial from other parents at Saint football games, and the consensus among parents is that they didn’t want Kanye to attend their kids’ games with the volatile hate he was spewing out. The source continued, “Many families and children are Jewish and feel personally attacked by Kanye, which is likely what caused the ruckus at Saint’s football match.

While it’s perfectly fair for the parents to feel this way about West, it’s unfair to hold Kim, his ex-wife, responsible for his behavior. Even when they they were Married, many public attitudes assert that she can only influence Spirals in the West so much. Hollywood LiveA source reiterated, “Kim feels powerless because she has no control over Kanye.” Kim really can’t tell Kanye to do anything because that would make him do the opposite.”

Explaining that Kim Ho Trying to do her best To navigate the uncomfortable and complicated situation she’s in, the source explained, “Kim feels like she’s been watching Kanye sink his ship from her safe beach. Her best approach at all public events is to ignore him. Other parents don’t have the easiest time doing this.”

since then “Egg lives matter” trick During Paris Fashion Week and the bias events that followed in quick succession, West lost nearly two dozen brand partnerships, his Donda Academy closed, and faced many famous peers and former friends speaking out against him, including Jaden Smith and John Legend.

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