March 21, 2023

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Kim Jong Un says America is the root of tension in the world

Chairman of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, Accused United States The state announced to the media this Tuesday (12th, Monday 11th in Brazil) to be on the lookout for tensions and instability on the Asian peninsula.

According to the unofficial KCNA agency, the United States reveals the “root” of instability and hostility towards North Korea.

The talk comes after a series of test trials in North Korea, including long-range naval missiles and a hypersonic weapon.

The isolated communist regime was subject to a number of international sanctions to develop a banned UN nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program, which was accelerated under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

According to Pyongyang, an arsenal is needed to protect itself from possible US invasion.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaks at the opening ceremony of the ‘Self-Defense 2021’ exhibition in Pyongyang on October 12-Photo: KNS / AFP via STR / KCNA

Government of the President Joe Biden Kim is skeptical, repeatedly saying he is not hostile to North Korea.

“I would be very interested if there were individuals or countries that believe this,” he began. “There is no basis for believing that they are not enemies in US operations,” he added.

Kim became the first North Korean leader to meet the US President in person at the 2018 Singapore Summit with Donald Trump.

Negotiations over the lifting of sanctions on Pyongyang’s arms program were halted a year after a failed summit between the two leaders in Hanoi.

Surrounded by weapons, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un speaks at the opening of the ‘Self-Defense 2021’ exhibition in Pyongyang on October 12-Photo: STR / KCNA via KNS / AFP

Biden, who took office at the beginning of the year, has promised to resume these ties with North Korea and is proposing a meeting without preconditions.

Washington is a close ally of South Korea and maintains 28,500 troops in the country to protect it from possible invasion from the north, as happened in the 1950s.

The conflict between the two neighbors is technically open because the two Koreas did not sign a peace agreement, only a ceasefire in 1953.

Seoul is also increasing its military capabilities, in September it successfully tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile and launched a supersonic ship missile.

Kim accused his neighbor of hypocrisy, noting that “relentless efforts to strengthen his military power are destroying the military balance on the Korean Peninsula and increasing military instability and danger.”

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