April 1, 2023

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Killing of young Brazilian descent causes chaos in Spain | The world

Last weekend the murder of a young gay man of Brazilian descent was murdered, causing a serious uproar Spain, Large demonstrations were held this Monday (5) to condemn a homosexual crime.

Samuel Luis Muiz, a 24-year-old nursing assistant, was found unconscious at a nightclub in La Coruna, northwest of the country.

Rescue operations failed to revive him, and he died Saturday morning.

The young man was born in Brazil and came to Spain at the age of one.

According to a friend who came with him early Saturday morning, the man who spoke to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” was initially assaulted by a young man who was with a woman, and filmed stabbing a Brazilian who he thought was him.

Shortly afterwards, the same man returned with a group of more than ten people, all of whom had beaten Samuel out of a nightclub with his friend for smoking and making phone calls. The attackers fled before the rescue team arrived at the scene.

Protest after the death of Samuel Louis Muiz on Monday (5) in Barcelona, ​​Spain – Photo: Reuters / Nacho Dose

Read the huge banner carried by the protesters, “Justice for Samuel. Homophobia and fascism are one and the same.”

As the participants chanted, thousands of people gathered to protest, demanding “justice for Samuel”, some with a proud flag and a large number of LGBTQ + groups.

“It’s not beating, it’s killing,” the crowd shouted. The banners contained phrases such as “End homophobia,” “All I care about is living” or “They kill us”.

Since his death, his relatives have said it was a homosexual crime that took place after Pride Week in Spain.

According to photos and videos posted on social media, the march was held in other cities across the country, such as La Coruna, where hundreds of people gathered.

On Monday, Spanish Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlasca pointed out that no arrests had been made so far and that “no possibility has been ruled out, no one hating the crime or anyone else.”

“I hope the police investigation into the perpetrators of Samuel’s murder will soon find out and clarify the facts. This is a barbaric and cruel act. We are not going to back down on rights and freedoms. Spain will not tolerate this,” he tweeted on Monday night.

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