April 1, 2023

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Kiev dawn with two massive explosions in the new Russian offensive

Rozane Oliveira – Featured Post *

Posted 2/26/2022 10:48 PM / Updated 2/26/2022 10:49 PM

Flashes are seen from various parts of the Ukrainian capital – (Credit: y TreyYingst / Twitter / Reproduction)

Two Big bangs hit Kiev Sunday (27/2), local time – Saturday (26/2) 8pm Brazilian time – according to reporters The New York Times And gives CNN International Those in Ukraine. Oh Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister had warned About an immediate air strike earlier.

According to publications, the first missile was in Vasilkiv, about 30 km from the capital. The area has a large military airport and several fuel tanks. Despite the distance, journalists in central Kiev can see the glow of the refinery fire. It is suspected that the military airport and several oil tanks may have been attacked. The area where the fierce fighting took place on Friday night (25/2), according to Ukrainian officials. The second eruption was reported southwest of the city, heading towards Kiev’s second largest airport.

According to witnesses, the flash lasted about five minutes and could be seen from different parts of the city. More than 150,000 refugees fled Ukraine this week, according to the United Nations. The Polish border is one of the important places, but there are still Difficulty in approaching her. In other reports, The whole family stayed underground Protect yourself from Missile strikes throughout Saturday morning.

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* Special Correspondent for the Post Office in Portugal.